Chinese Bioengineers Develop Artificial Sperm to Create Armies of Half-Cloned Mice

Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, led by Li Jinsong, WU Yuxuan of the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and YANG Li of CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology, have successfully mass produced viable high-quality artificial sperm for the first time. The post Chinese Bioengineers Develop Artificial Sperm […]

Bitcoins ATMs are Having a New Trend

A lot of Bitcoin ATM machines are being installed all over the world. This year all along and the in relation to the same period last year, the installation of Bitcoin ATM devices has doubled. A new report from Coinatmradar suggests that a new trend has attracted entrepreneurs to start installing Bitcoin ATM machines in […]

Bitcoin Accepting Rap Mogul 50 Cent Files Bankruptcy

50 Cent, who accepts Bitcoin for his online shop, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy under his legal name Curtis James Jackson II in bankruptcy court in Connecticut. The rapper has played off the filing as a cost of doing business, even making light of the situation, recently posing next to a smart car for an […]

Bitcoin to Transform Music Streaming Industry?

It’s no secret that the music industry has been mired in controversy for raking in profits mostly for producers and record labels then leaving very little to artists themselves. This has been a prevailing issue, even as the rise in music streaming has offered more convenient and streamlined ways to listen to songs. Even Grammy-winning […]

Bitcoin Wallet Company Xapo Gets a Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Bitcoin wallet company Xapo lost their bid to dismiss a breach of contract lawsuit slapped on five of its employees. This lawsuit was filed by LifeLock, which is seeking damages from defendants including Xapo CEO Wences Casares and COO Federico Murrone. According to LifeLock, the defendants did not disclose the “nature and extent” of their role in developing […]

Leaders in Decentralized Technology Hold DEC_TECH 2.0 Event Tonight in Toronto

Decentral and the Ethereum Meetup Group are holding their second Decentralized Tech event tonight at the MaRS Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The topics for the evening are the imminent release of Ethereum, the increase in people buying and selling bitcoin in Canada, and the variety of venture capital in the space. “Over 300 people attended […]

I/O Digital to Release World’s First Decentralized Identity SideChain For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: I/O Digital sets to release the first ever decentralized identity sidechain using a distributed  blockchain based DNS system. This system, known as DIONS (Decentralized I/O Name Server) will utilize the I/O Digital blockchain to attach sensitive identity credentials to a specific Bitcoin (XBT) or I/O Coin (IOC) address. The system allows for […]