The NSA Has Been Tracking Bitcoin Users, Snowden Papers Reveals

Not to be mistaken for another Jason Bourne thriller, the Edward Snowden papers show a US government/bitcoin connection. The Intercept is reporting classified documents leaked by Snowden prove that the US National Security Agency (NSA) in fact was keeping tabs on bitcoin users globally, as evidenced by a report that’s surfaced from March 2013. The timing […]

Could Indecent Images on the Blockchain Spell the Demise of Bitcoin?

A team of German blockchain researchers have discovered images of child abuse on the Bitcoin blockchain. Since many network participants need to download a copy of the entire blockchain and it is entirely immutable, the legal implications of this might be damning for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Indecent Content on the Blockchain Could Render […]

Russia ‘Secretly’ Helped Venezuela Launch State Crypto Petro: Report

Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro, was the work of a joint collaboration between Venezuelan and Russian government officials with Putin’s personal approval, Time Magazine said Tuesday. Citing anonymous sources close to the ‘half-hidden joint venture’ between Venezuelan and Russian officials, Time Magazine is reporting that Russian president Vladimir Putin signed off on Kremlin aiding Venezuela […]

NEO, EOS, LTC, IOTA, Lumens: Technical Analysis March 21, 2018

It was our expectation that altcoin prices: NEO, LTC, IOTA, EOS and Stellar Lumens will continue edging higher as the market gets a reliever. But really, will the new realization by the G20 that cryptocurrencies doesn’t pose a systemic risk to the establishment continue buoying prices? Well, that’s a question everyone else is asking and […]

Official: G20 Calls for Cryptocurrency Regulation Recommendations by July 2018

The world’s economic leaders gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the G20 summit, and sought for proposals of cryptocurrency regulations to come by July 2018 according to the G20 communique. The document backs the words of Frederico Sturzenegger, Argentina’s Central Bank chief, who noted cryptocurrencies need to be examined. Having seen the document, CCN can […]

Op Ed: The Many Faces of Sharding for Blockchain Scalability

Any programmer who has ever sat down to build a DApp at one point has had to think about the limits of current public blockchains, the most important and obvious one being their limited throughput, i.e., the number of transactions processed per second. In order to run a DApp that can handle real-world throughput requirements, […]

Mark Carney: Cryptocurrencies Do Not Pose Serious Risks

When it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England and chairman of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), is known for being a harsh critic. Though Carney has praised the technology behind cryptocurrency in the past, he has often referred to digital money as a “bubble,” claiming it has failed […]