Bitcoin Price Watch; That’s A Wrap!

So there it goes, another week down, and what an interesting week it’s been. Well, interesting maybe isn’t the right word. Perhaps frustrating is a little more apt as a description. The bitcoin price was basically flat for a few days at the beginning of the week, and we started to think that maybe there […]

Generating a Bitcoin Wallet From An Image Will not Protect Your Private Key

Quite a few intriguing services have launched in the bitcoin ecosystem over the past few years. There seems to be an intriguing correlation between cryptography and steganography. One developer created a project that turns any image or document into a bitcoin private key and address. A great tool on paper, but not very practical by […]

Samson Mow Quits BTCC, Announces on Twitter

The increasing regulatory pressure on the Chinese Bitcoin market seems to have claimed its first victim. Samson Mow, the Chief Operating Officer at BTCC, one of the leading Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced his plans to quit the company. The announcement was made by Samson on his Twitter channel earlier yesterday. The Tweet read, “Today’s my last […]