Kraken: Volume of US Govt. Subpoenas Huge ‘Barrier to Entry’ for Crypto Exchanges

Running a crypto-based financial service in the US is becoming difficult due to unconventional legal costs, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken indicated in its latest “transparency report.” Crypto Exchange Kraken Says Government Inquiries Tripled in 2018 The US-based crypto exchange, which additionally operates in Canada, Europe, and Japan, reportedly received 315 subpoenas from US law enforcement agencies, […]

Bitcoin Breaks Above $4,000 Amidst Widespread Crypto Surge

The cryptocurrency markets have been able to maintain their upwards momentum and Bitcoin has now broken above its resistance level that was previously set around $3,900. Bitcoin’s upwards move has sent the overall markets surging. Although Bitcoin is showing signs of increasing buying pressure, many altcoins have not yet been able to break above their resistance […]

Coinbase De-Platforms Gab While Square Allows Bitcoin Withdrawals

Gab, an anti-censorship social media platform, has reportedly been de-platformed by Coinbase, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin wallets and exchanges. On January 5, the Gab team said the accounts of both Gab and Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, were closed by Coinbase. As predicted: the on ramps and off ramps (exchanges) are going […]

Crypto VC Says Everyone’s Forgotten about Bitcoin: Why That’s Okay

Placeholder co-founder Chris Burniske says the mainstream has forgotten about bitcoin. However, that’s not something to be upset about — it’s a normal phase of crypto’s development into a market-ready technology. Bitcoin Once Again Niche amid ‘Crypto Winter’ Burniske likely refers to the media outlets who have stopped reporting on the crypto industry and also […]

Prominent Analyst Claims Bitcoin Could be Very Close to Long-Term Bottom

Following yesterday’s market surge most cryptocurrencies have continued to rise, and Bitcoin has now surged above $4,000. Whether or not the markets can extend their upwards momentum long-term is very important for reversing the persisting bear market. The past few months have been especially tumultuous for the markets with most cryptocurrencies setting fresh 2018 lows. […]

Fortnite Founder Big Fan Of “Decentralized Tech” Underlying Crypto

In an unexpected turn of events, the official Fortnite merchandise store recently began to accept Monero (XMR) purchases through crypto-friendly payment service GloBee. That begs the million-dollar question — Is Epic Games, the creator of the aforementioned video game, enamored with cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, blockchain technologies, and the like? A recent tweet from a member of […]

BitMEX CEO: Bitcoin Still An Experiment, But Has A Bright Future

Bitcoin (BTC) isn’t the world’s first stab at digital money. In fact, the idea of running society with digital cash has been around for three decades, if not more. David Chaum, an American cryptographer, founded DigiCash in 1990, but it failed not one decade later. E-gold, a computer-based representation of gold, and the Liberty Reserve, […]