Monero Launches Initiative to Combat Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Earlier this week, the Monero (XMR) community announced the launch of a new website that aims to educate users on cleaning up crypto-jacking malware and ransomware. Easing Malware Victims’ Confusion and Frustration The ease of mining and privacy of Monero are standout features for the coin. However, the features attract bad actors who use the coin […]

TechCrunch Founder Outraged at US SEC, Will Crypto Firms Also Pivot to Asia?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been heavily criticized for its actions against Elon Musk’s Tesla, the crypto market and investment firms within the local market. On Sept. 29, Michael Arrington, the co-founder of TechCrunch, announced that his venture capital firm has decided to move out of the US and relocate to Asia […]

Crypto Month in Review: Google Reverses Ban, Blockchain Legally Defined in US

Another month is leaving the crypto industry with some of the best and significant developments. September 2018 was an essential month from many perspectives. This time, the industry didn’t just see adoption in technological space, but also in charity. Education and research remained at the forefront of crypto development, as an influential nonprofit favored blockchain for […]

Block School: Early Bitcoin, Rocky Mt Gox Days

BLOCK SCHOOL Here at NewsBTC we believe that education and knowledge is fundamental to the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and growth of the blockchain industry. We will be expanding our education section by delving deeper into some of the machinations and technology behind the blocks. Our weekly articles aim to provide a greater understanding of […]

Lack of Regulation Leads Crypto Exchanges to Shut Down in India, Investors Frustrated

Blockchain technology continues to thrive in India. In contrast, the stance toward cryptocurrencies remains negative and unfriendly. So much so that major crypto exchanges like Zebpay were forced to shut down. Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India Forced to Close Shop The situation regarding crypto in India continues to deteriorate. A lack of proper regulations, as well […]

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Under the Microscope

This past week saw a flurry of reports and analyses released by various agencies and companies, speculating on the roles — past and present — of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Two big names in the blockchain industry are being scrutinized as they attempt to grow, and we put two privacycoins, Monero and Zcash, under the […]