AT&T Introduces Blockchain Solutions For Business, Tapping IBM And Microsoft

AT&T has introduced a suite of blockchain solutions to allow enterprises in various industries to track and manage information more efficiently, the telecom giant announced on its website. The solutions include technology from Microsoft and IBM and can benefit users in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail and healthcare. The company noted it is combining its […]

How Blockchain Can Promote Sustainability and Thwart Climate Change

The impacts of blockchain technology are undeniable, and it has already begun to have a tremendous effect on a plethora of industries. That being said, a newfound use case for blockchain proves that the technology could impact far more than supply chains, logistics, and finance. It could potentially solving one of the world’s most pressing […]

Opera Has Built-in Ethereum Support, Major Browsers to Integrate Web 3.0

Opera, the fifth most widely utilized browser behind Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, has added built-in Ethereum support to its desktop app, enabling Web 3.0, an ecosystem that allows users can seamlessly interact with decentralized applications (dApps) and peer-to-peer systems on the blockchain. To utilize Ethereum-based dApps, users are required to have non-custodial wallets like […]

Blockchain’s Report Examines Benefits (and Failures) of Today’s Stablecoins

Stablecoins have garnered serious investor attention over the past few weeks. Unlike bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, they are digital assets built to lessen price volatility and are often paired against the U.S. dollar or established commodities like gold. Volatility is one of the main reasons why several institutional investors and individuals have thought twice about […]

World’s First Blockchain Identity Lab Launched Today in Edinburgh

Scotland-based Edinburgh Napier University has announced the official launch of the Blockpass Identity Lab — the first blockchain identity laboratory in the world. This represents the first research facility in Europe that will be entirely dedicated to the research and development of blockchain technology. The aim of it is to explore different new use cases […]

15 Congress Members Ask SEC to Clarify Cryptocurrency and ICO Guidelines

More than a dozen members of Congress have signed a letter asking Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton to clarify the guidelines the agency uses to determine whether cryptocurrency assets are securities under federal law. The letter, which according co-signer Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) has already been signed by 15 lawmakers across the […]

Indian Crypto Exchange Zebpay Ceases All Trading Amid Regulatory Pressure

One of India’s largest digital asset exchange platforms has announced today that it will cease offering crypto buying and selling services. Zebpay Calls it a Day Due to Regulatory Pressures Zebpay stated that the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) clampdown on digital currencies had severely impacted its ability to do business. The exchange announced that […]

Monero Releases Malware Response Group and Successfully Patches Burn Bug

Monero has officially released its Malware Response Workgroup website yesterday. In an effort to help protect Monero’s community, the website aims to provide resources to educate about the types of malware that may take advantage of users. It provides support for problems including unwanted in-browser and system mining (cryptojacking) and ransomware, all which have been […]