CryptoBiz Magazine Issue.08, January 2015

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How Fiat Ruined My Traveling Experience

How Fiat Ruined My Traveling Experience I recently had the honor of being flown to Dubai, in order to teach blockchain technology to Nigerian government officials. With doe eyes, I hastily embarked on my journey, having forgotten the many perils of traveling from years of static living. I expected to come back writing about tall […]

fObfuscate: Hardware, Two Factor, Anonymous, Authentication for crypto wallets and more

fObsfuscate! FObfuscate is a recently announced, cloud based, identity provider making fast inroads to crypto street.  The hardware 2FAA (two factor anonymous authentication) solution offers Yubikey provisioning with a shared secret, complete activity logging, multiple & lost fob capabilities with out of band, real time, notification via SMS and / or email. Yubikey fObfuscate has chosen to […]