Setting Bitcoin’s Price Mechanism: CME Group to Launch BTC Futures

On the anniversary of the publication of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper, the price of Bitcoin reached a new all-time high, following the news that CME Group, one of the world’s largest derivatives exchanges, will launch a Bitcoin futures product on November 14, 2017. Futures or derivatives in general are understood by their relationship to […]

Launching a Cryptocurrency “Token Generation Event” (aka an ICO)

On October 27, 2017, disruptors in the cryptocurrency field gathered at the San Francisco Ethereal Summit. Sponsored by ConsenSys, the summit provided a diverse mix of panels and workshops that demystified the “initial coin offering” (ICO) or “token generation event.” Side note: Vernacular is key. Referring to a token launch as an ICO is so “September.” The process […]

: First blockchain to use proof-of-edit-distance (PoED), the Block Collider joins seed program

The Block Collider is the first blockchain to be built on the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol which is used by hedge funds to conduct high-frequency trading. The team, ex-quants have developed a high-speed trans-blockchain cryptocurrency called Emblems which when coupled with a new mining algorithm called “proof-of-edit-distance” (PoED) which enables live swaps between blockchains, […]

Arkansas to Tackle Cyber Crime by Mining Bitcoin

The Benton County sheriff’s office in Arkansas aims to pilot a new program to help tackle cyber criminals. Part of its Cyber Crimes Division, the primary target of the operation will be purveyors of child pornography, and those using the dark web to prey on vulnerable young people. As part of the program, law enforcement […]

Iran Preparing Cryptocurrency Infrastructure

According to the Iranian Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Amir Hossein Davaee, Iran have been conducting studies into how to prepare an infrastructure to use Bitcoin within the country. This could lead to greater adoption in the Middle-Eastern nation. To successfully integrate crypto, the deputy minister said that both infrastructural and economic issues […]