IBM/MIT Connection Science Issue Report on the Role of Blockchain in Government

On September 24, 2018, MIT Connection Science and IBM issued a 41-page joint report on the results of three roundtable discussions on the role of Blockchain in government. Authored by MIT’s technical director at the MIT Internet Trust Consortium, which is part of MIT Connection Science, Thomas Hardjono, the findings illuminated discussions held by private […]

Dépenser ses cryptos pour du streaming avec Netflix & Google Play

Parmi les nombreux usages de la crypto-monnaie, le monde du divertissement et du cinéma attirent de nombreux investisseurs. En effet, aujourd’hui, les fans de films et de séries ont la possibilité de s’adonner à leur passion grâce aux crypto-monnaies. Notre objectif, c’est de permettre à tout le monde d’utiliser ses cryptos pour acheter des cartes […]

Andreessen Horowitz Invests $15 Million in MakerDAO’s Algorithmic Stablecoin

Andreessen Horowitz has made a major investment in a cryptocurrency project that algorithmically adjusts the supply of coins to keep their value stable. The American venture capital firm, which has invested in crypto startups like CryptoKitties and OpenBazaar in the past, purchased 6 percent of the total supply of MKR tokens through its $300 million […]

a16z Puts $16 Million Behind Stablecoin Platform MakerDao

Stablecoins are becoming big business these days. In a $15 million deal, Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z crypto fund is buying 6 percent of the total MakerDAO maker (MKR) token supply. The investment will give a16z a financial and governance stake in the dai stablecoin. A16z made the announcement today, September 24, 2018. MakerDAO also received $12 […]

3D-Printed Gun Advocate Cody Wilson Back in U.S., Posts Bond

DarkWallet developer and 3D-printed gun proponent Cody Wilson, who was arrested over the weekend in Taiwan and subsequently returned to the U.S., has been released on bond, local media outlets have reported. The arrest of Wilson was covered on CCN in an earlier article where he was reported to have allegedly sexually assaulted a 16-year-old […]

SBI Remit is Using the Blockchain to Make Money Transfers Between Japan and Africa

SBI Remit, a Japanese money transfer company, is teaming up with a venture-backed firm to use its new treasury management service that uses the blockchain for increased transparency and liquidity to small and medium-sized businesses operating between Japan and Africa. SBI Remit and BitPesa The service is provided by BitPesa, which has raised $10 million to […]

Brave Publishers Can Now Have Their Identities Verified with Civic

Civic, a digital identity firm, has collaborated with Brave, the privacy-based browser with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, to provide identity verification services to Brave’s content creators. Verified content creators on Brave now have the option of verifying their identities using Civic’s identity verification service in order to get paid Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) via […]