Op Ed: Drivechains Could Kill Off the Altcoin Market

Sidechains have been viewed as Bitcoin’s way of dealing the altcoin market since 2014, when a proposal for a two-way peg between two different blockchains was first proposed in a public setting. Three years later, it appears that drivechains, which are a specific way of implementing sidechains, will be the way in which extensions for […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bear Markets Test Crucial Support Levels

This morning marked another bearish day in the crypto-space as the entire market cap continued its multi-week-long decline. As referenced in a previous BTC-USD price analysis, we have continued to test the neckline of a massive, multi-week-long Head-and-Shoulders reversal pattern. At the time of this article, the market is making its second test of the […]

This Is HODL.voting: Voting With Your Bitcoins but Better

Bitcoin’s ongoing scaling debate continues to highlight that protocol governance is one of the biggest challenges for this technology. One of the many solutions that have been proposed to break through the scaling impasse is coin-voting schemes, where Bitcoin users get to “vote” on potential protocol changes with their bitcoins. One implementation of such a […]

How to Buy Dash in 3 Simple Steps – A Beginner’s Guide

The post How to Buy Dash in 3 Simple Steps – A Beginner’s Guide appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Dash Is Digital Cash Dash is a popular open source, peer to peer (P2P), decentralized cryptocurrency that offers a number of advantages over fiat currency, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.  The Dash Core team consists of around […]