Second Life Creator: High Fidelity’s HFC Is a Social Cryptocurrency for VR

In December 2017, High Fidelity announced the launch of Avatar Island, a Virtual Reality (VR) space where High Fidelity users can purchase items for their avatars, all contributed by digital artists from around the world, and pay with High Fidelity’s own blockchain-based cryptocurrency, the High Fidelity Coin(HFC). High Fidelity is a next-generation platform for Virtual […]

Kenneth Goodwin–FinTech-Blockchain Advisor joins Zerocoin – CryptoCurrency for Gambling

Meet Kenneth Goodwin – Blockchain Advisor to ZeroEdge.Bet Kenneth Goodwin shares over 20 years of wisdom and knowledge gleaned through diverse fields including Financial Technology (FinTech), Regulatory Technology (RegTech), Artificial Intelligence, U.S., and Japan central banking, and of course, Blockchain and ICO. Ken is also a Mike and Maureen Mansfield Fellow is a regular U.S. […]

Bitcoin Gloom? Cheer Up People. Things Are Moving Forward!

Apparently the community sentiment towards cryptocurrencies is darkening, yet again, due to the recent price drops. The culprit behind these massive sell orders? You already know the answer, Mt. Gox creditor. Google trends quickly show how the community is reacting to the recent events: people’s interest is as low as it was in May 2017. […]

According to Unverified Reports, Twitter Is Following Facebook and Google in Banning Crypto-Related Ads

Twitter may soon join Facebook and Google in cracking down on ads for cryptocurrency-related products, according to Sky News. The claims (not yet verified by Twitter) are that the social network will institute a worldwide ban against ads for initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency wallets, and token sales within the next two weeks. It might also ban ads for cryptocurrency […]

Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department Teams Up To Reduce Forced Labour Using Blockchain

Coca-Cola is joining forces with the U.S. State Department and three other organizations — Bitfury Group, Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA), and Emercoin — to launch a blockchain-based project that aims to create a secure registry for workers to fight the use of forced labor worldwide. This is the State Department’s first major blockchain project, and serves […]

$75 Million: Reg A+ Cap Expansion Could See More ICOs File in the US

We’ve written in the past about the various methods companies in the United States can go about raising money via an ICO/token offering.  One of the main methods we mentioned was the use of Regulation A+, something traditionally utilized by smaller companies to IPO that’s been embraced by cryptocurrency companies in the U.S. The problem is […]

Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund: We’ll Succeed, Even if Bitcoin Ends Up Defunct

Dan Morehead, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-chief investment officer of struggling cryptocurrency hedge fund Pantera Capital, recently claimed that even if bitcoin fails like did during the dot-com bubble, the hedge fund would still see investors make money. According to CNBC, Morehead’s reasoning was that cryptocurrencies are revolutionary and here to stay. Using […]