Confideal: MVP, 13 Cooperations with Other Companies, 12 External Advisors, 5000 Subscribers-Contributors, Transparency Initiative. 2nd November – ICO Start. Time to Contribute to Success!

The campaign is expected to raise 70,000 ETH, which equals 21.5 million U.S. dollars as of two days before the start. Confideal’s ICO features a generous incentive program that enables early investors to receive a 25% bonus in CDL tokens. The token generation event will last for 20 days. Changing the token market for the […]

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Increase Your Internet Privacy

Living in the age of the internet has come with a lot of advantages, but with those benefits also come certain dangers.  Most, if not everyone, has used their personal information online.  Whether that was to create a Facebook page or to make a shopping purchase, that information is still floating around on the internet. […]

Decentrex Seems to Be Pioneering a New Age of Exchange

Finding an easy-to-use and reliable exchange is essential when incorporating cryptocurrency into everyday life.  There are many options available for novices and experts alike, leading you to believe that finding the right one for you might be tricky.  However, Decentrex is here to take the guesswork out of it for you. The decentralized exchange platform […]

Op Ed: Three Legal Pitfalls to Avoid in Blockchain Smart Contracts

Increasing improvements to blockchain technology — which allows for the transfer of ownership without the use of a centralized third party (such as a bank) — has resulted in the mass availability of blockchain “smart contracts.” A smart contract is a prewritten software program that automatically performs each party’s obligation in an “if-then” format, while […]