Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Expands Legal Industry Working Group

On August 14, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced the addition of more than a dozen organizations to its blockchain collaboration under the umbrella of its Legal Industry Working Group, responsible for creating enterprise-grade applications on the Ethereum blockchain. The new members include law schools, legal departments of universities, academic institutions and leading global law firms. […]

Blockstream Satellite: Broadcasting Bitcoin from Space

Yesterday a video teaser from blockchain technology company Blockstream created waves of excitement among enthusiasts of both cryptocurrencies and space. Most participants speculated that Blockstream was about to implement the idea, promoted by Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik (among others), of a satellite system that streams the Bitcoin blockchain to the whole planet from space. The […]

How to Buy Ethereum Classic (ETC) is 3 Simple Steps – A Beginner’s Guide

The post How to Buy Ethereum Classic (ETC) is 3 Simple Steps – A Beginner’s Guide appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. You’ve probably heard of Ethereum, which is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, currently second only to bitcoin. You’ve also probably heard of Ethereum Classic, which is currently ranked as the 5th […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Still More Room at the Top, For Now

While many fear BTC-USD is entering bubble territory, others are calling for even higher price targets.  Politics aside, there is a clear push for higher BTC-USD prices and it’s creating market uncertainty. Here are the facts: 30 days ago, BTC-USD was $1800. Today the price of BTC-USD has risen 130% and has managed to establish […]