Bitcoin Price Heading East

Bitcoin price continues sideways trade in a narrowing range. Like most of this week’s analysis, today’s update presents no new information for regular readers, although incidental readers may be interested in the matter-of-fact commentary below. This analysis is provided by with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join […]

UBS to Develop Yet Another ‘Permissioned Blockchain’ for Banks

In April, Bitcoin Magazine reported that UBS was planning to investigate blockchain technology in a new innovation lab based in London. The innovation lab is located in Level39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance and cyber-securities, and focuses on exploring the role of blockchain technology in financial services. UBS, a Swiss global financial services company […]

Ship Your Friends "The Finger," Bring Joy To Their Lives

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really wish I could ship a large inflatable middle finger to my best friend”? Well, now you can…and you can do so for Bitcoin! “The idea came from a friend,” Kurt Zoe, co-founder of Ship The Finger tells me.  “After hearing of the Ship Your Enemies glitter service, […]

GameCredits to Integrate Digital Currencies in TurboCharged Racing and Other Video Games

GameCredits, a cryptographic payments platform for gamers and game developers is set to integrate digital currencies including its own altcoin called GMC in three video games, one of which was released on September 2. “GameCredits is the first free open source gaming currency made by gamers for gamers and game developers,” explained the GameCredits team. The […]

DigitalBTC Reports $6.77 Million First Year Net Loss; Management Nonetheless Bullish

DigitalBTC, the Australia-based miner, has reported a first-year net loss of $6.77 million on annual mining revenue of $6.4 million, according to The company nonetheless claims to be very bullish on bitcoin. The company, which trades as Digital CC Limited on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), reported negative earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and […]