Bitcoin Marketplace OpenBazaar is Open for Business

With an announcement today, decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace OpenBazaar is open for business, in its first full version released and available for downloads. It has been nearly two years since initial chatter arose, with word of a decentralized marketplace being developed in time for a public beta in 2014. In the following years, the decentralized, unregulated […]

Microsoft Announces Blockchain Partnership with R3

The New York-based private banking blockchain consortium led by R3 has now added a new “strategic’ partner, in global software giant Microsoft. In a new announcement made today, Microsoft is now in a partnership with R3CEV, a consortium of the leading banking institutions of the world that is looking to develop real-world blockchain solutions for […]

U.K. Resort Town Sees a New Bitcoin ATM

An Italian restaurant now offers patrons the chance to buy bitcoin and pay for meals with bitcoin, having introduced the first bitcoin ATM in Bournemouth, U.K., a resort on the southern coast of England, according to Daily Echo, a local newspaper. The ATM was installed by Heliopay, a supplier of digital technology solutions that operates bitcoin ATMs […]

How the US poker scene is landscaping a Bitcoin revolution

The post How the US poker scene is landscaping a Bitcoin revolution appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Online poker could finally be making its way back to the US, with New Jersey gaining access to PokerStars following a successful five-day soft launch. After almost five years of a poker blackout across the states, the New […]

Teambrella Wants to Revolutionize Insurance Coverage With Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Payments

Russian software architects and entrepreneurs Alex Paperno, Eugene Porubaev and Vlad Kravchuk plan to take the insurance company out of insurance. Their Teambrella, a Bitcoin-based peer-to-peer insurance platform, allows users to provide each other coverage for whatever they want, however they want, and without requiring any trusted intermediaries. Paperno: “Anyone who ever needed a reimbursement knows […]

Ethereum and Bitcoin Are Market Leaders But Not Competitors

The competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum is real, but it is not taking place in the same niche market. Unlike what most people think, Ethereum and Bitcoin are not achieving the same goal per se, as the former is focusing on making the blockchain more appealing to everyday users, whereas Bitcoin is all about changing […]