Social Cryptocurrency Trading and Brokerage Firm eToro Is Expanding to U.S.

Israeli-based social trading platform eToro is expanding to the U.S. If all goes according to plan, U.S. citizens will be able to trade cryptocurrencies on the company’s platform sometime later this year. The announcement, which eToro made today, May 15, 2018, at Consensus in New York City, comes on the heels of a $100 million […]

Op-Ed: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Addresses Bottlenecks around BlockSize Limits and Enables Smart-Contract Scripting

This opinion piece on the May 15 Bitcoin Cash hard fork was written by Alejandro de la Torre, VP of Business Operations at, the leading digital platform for cryptocurrency users, miners and developers. Follow him on Twitter @bitentrepreneur. It’s another hard fork day! Today, Bitcoin Cash is creating a new blockchain with 32 MB block […]

Project Jasper Reveals Proof of Concept for Accelerated Payments

Payments Canada, the Bank of Canada, TMX Group and Accenture have shown — through their collaboration on Project Jasper — that it is feasible to instantaneously clear and settle securities on-ledger, and have demonstrated for the first time that both central bank cash and assets can be tokenized to complete instant equity settlements via distributed […]

HashFlare Review: Is This Cloud Mining Platform Legit?

The post HashFlare Review: Is This Cloud Mining Platform Legit? appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Not long ago, I reviewed one of the most popular cloud mining platforms around: Genesis Mining. I tried to establish whether it would be a profitable investment to spend my money on their website instead of just buying bitcoins. The bottom […]

New SALT Bridge Foundation Reaches Out to World’s Unbanked

One of the first launches out of the gate at Consensus 2018 is from SALT (Secured Automated Lending Technology) Lending Holdings. The Colorado blockchain-based cash loan provider is launching the SALT Bridge Foundation to create a financial leg up for the estimated two billion unbanked and underbanked people around the world. SALT (named after salt […]

Bitcoin News Summary – May 14, 2018

The post Bitcoin News Summary – May 14, 2018 appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds. Bitcoin’s price came close to the key $10,000 level last weekend but failed to overcome it during this week. Late in the week, the price fell below $9,000, accompanied by negative […]

China to Rate Ripple and 24 Other Coins: Ripple (XRP) Technical Analysis

Like the rest of the markets, Ripple is down 20 percent in the last seven days effectively reversing previous gains. However, it remains perched at position three in the liquidity list. Even though the future prospects of this coin is wonderful, short term selling with targets at 45 cents can be a good trading strategy. […]