Santander Bank to Launch Blockchain Challenge

Santander Innoventures, the $100 million fintech venture capital fund of multi-billion dollar Spanish banking group Santander, has partnered with startup agency OneVest to run a Distributed Ledger (DL) Challenge for early-stage startups. Specifically, the bank will be actively searching for blockchain-based startups targeting mortgage processing, trade finance and asset leasing, and technologies which could help […]

Are Blocks Filling up, and Is That a Problem?

With the recent spike in bitcoin’s exchange rate, there has been a surge in transaction volume on the Bitcoin network, too. And while most in the Bitcoin community welcome the significant uptrend, some have also expressed concern. This might be the first “Bitcoin boom” to be influenced by the 1 megabyte maximum block size, which […]

Trading Forex in Bitcoin – Is it the Geekiest Way to Make money Online?

Forex has always been one of the most attractive investment options for less experienced traders. Now, bitcoin is bringing a new breed of investors to the forex trading space, and many  brokers are opening its doors to the digital currency. In fact, this year all along, several Forex brokers started to deal with bitcoin, and […]

Invested In Bitcoin, EFT Nearly Doubles Money Since September

ARK Investment Management LLC, which manages the first exchange-traded fund (EFT) with exposure to cryptocurrency, has almost doubled its money since September after investing in bitcoin, thanks to the virtual currency’s recent price surge, according to Bloomberg News. The overall fund has gained 15% this year, which represents more than 98% of the unleveraged ETFs […]

Bitcoin Price Breakout; Live Trade!

Today’s action in the bitcoin price has – once again – brought with it some surprising momentum. We started off the day down and expected to get some sort of correction. In light of this expectation, we teed up our key levels and put our breakout strategy to work. Action has now matured throughout the […]

IMF Director Tells Banks:  Do Not Worry about Bitcoin & Blockchain

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) addressed bankers to say that banks and financial institutions do not have to worry about bitcoin or the blockchain. It’s that time for global financial figures to be dismissive of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the block chain. IMF Chief Christine Lagarde quelled bankers’ […]

Bitcoin Trading Indecisive

Bitcoin trading achieved a decent rally during the past month and the overdue correction is still playing out. The large range of price movement has created a technical condition in the chart whereby price could drop to new lows, but just as easily resume advance without any technical hindrance. This analysis is provided by […]