Bitcoin is Gaining Traction in Africa

Bitcoin is rising pretty fast in Africa. In fact, the digital currency has been growing exponentially all around the world. This year there has been a substantial growth in investments related to the digital currency and Africa is no exception to this trend. A lot of startups are springing up with innovative applications for Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Price Bounces From Support

Bitcoin price bounced from chart support near $235 / 1470 CNY. The 200-period moving average is a standard chart tool of most analysts, and the Bitcoin price often reacts to this indicator level – as it did today. This analysis is provided by with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not […]

UK Government to Support Creation of Bitcoin Hub in London?

London has been informally known as the global bitcoin hub, as the cryptocurrency community in this city has grown significantly and the UK government itself adopts a relatively open-minded approach to developments in the industry. Now that the elections are over and the Conservatives are still in power, many believe that this could pave the […]

BitSent Expands its Fleet of Bitcoin ATMs to British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University

One of Canada’s first companies to launch Bitcoin ATMs across the country is expanding its fleet of Lamassu-brand ATMs to Vancouver, British Columbia’s Simon Fraser campus bookstores in Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby. BitSent now has Bitcoin ATMs in 11 locations across the country and is looking to expand internationally in 2015. While other Bitcoin companies are […]

Nasdaq to Push Forward with Blockchain Applications

On May 11, the leading stock exchange Nasdaq announced that it would begin experimenting with the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin. The Wall Street Journal reported that Nasdaq will start with a pilot project in Nasdaq Private Market, a recently launched marketplace that handles pre-IPO trading among private companies. “Utilizing the blockchain is a natural […]

Bitcoin Gains Traction amid Steady Growth in Indonesia

Indonesia, one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagoes and travel destinations, has had a consistent increase in bitcoin adoption at popular tourist spots including Bali, Jakarta and Denpasar, since the launch of BitIslands in March 2014. Initiated by the largest Indonesian Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin Indonesia, the project was sponsored by leading Bitcoin merchant platforms and […]

Earn Bitcoin Reading Classic Books

For many, faucets are their very first interaction with Bitcoin. Lead developer Gavin Andresen was the originator of the idea, and until late 2012 his site was giving away whole bitcoins in some cases. Look at this transaction, for example. In today’s value, 18 BTC is worth over $4,000. Not too shabby. If you’re interested, […]