Emercoin group has announced a set of blockchain features which are designed specially for the banking sector

Bitcoin Press Release: Being one of the most universal cryptoplatform, Emercoin offers set of features, which are specially designed for the banking sector. While some of these features are designed for increased security and anonymity, the others are specially for trades and operations with property. E.g. DPO (Digital Proof of Ownership) mechanism excludes possibility of […]

Bitcoin Price Corrects; What’s Next?

This morning we noted in our twice daily bitcoin price watch piece that we were looking at a slightly tighter time frame than normal, purely because the action in the bitcoin price throughout the early session and been volatile, and that it would warrant a closer timeframe to ensure we keep our stops tight enough […]

Bitcoin Price Soars; Gains 25% In A Day!

Yesterday evening, in our twice daily bitcoin price watch piece, we published our take on the bitcoin price for the evening session. We hypothesized that – on the back of the momentum we had seen throughout the majority of the last few weeks, we would see further bullish momentum. If we did, we suggested we […]

How to Make Money with Bitcoin Using Purse.io

The post How to Make Money with Bitcoin Using Purse.io appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Hey guys I’m Ofir from 99Bitcoins and welcome to another video in our “How to Make Money with Bitcoin” mini course. In today’s video I want to show you a different angle for making money with Bitcoin. Before I begin I […]

Bitcoin Price Hits 2015 Highs Led by Chinese Exchanges

On Monday afternoon, the price of bitcoin experienced one of its fastest spikes of the year when it rose from $340 up to over $360 on many exchanges before settling back down to around $355 as investors took profits. Over the past 24 hours, the price has risen over 10%, on average, across many of […]

Microsoft Partners with Ethereum Company, Offers Cloud-Based Blockchain Application Development Platform to Its Clients

Microsoft has partnered with Consensys, a blockchain startup focused on Ethereum technology, The Wall Street Journal reports. Through the partnership, customers of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based business service, will have access to tools that will allow them to experiment with and build cloud-based blockchain applications, from securities trading to cross-border payments to corporate accounting, and offer […]

Taiwan Declares Bitcoin an Illegal Asset

This Monday, the Taiwanese Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) declared Bitcoin an illegal asset. Last year the Taiwanese central bank issued a warning stating that bitcoin was a highly speculative virtual asset and lacked a mechanism to protect its transactions. Now, claims of illegal activities being conducted with aid of the virtual currency were taken to […]