Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Applying for BitLicense

The controversial Bitlicense regulations recently passed in New York, spearheaded by former NY Department of Financial Services head Benjamin Lawsky, have stirred up their share of controversy in the Bitcoin community. Erik Voorhees of, an exchange that does not facilitate fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades, has compared the regulations to North Korean economics. However you feel about […]

BitLicense Deadline Looms Overhead, What’s in Store for NY?

The digital currency ecosystem in New York State is currently hanging on a string as the deadline to apply for BitLicense closes. Today, the 8th of August 2015 marks the end of 45 day grace period extended to Bitcoin and digital currency companies in the state to apply for BitLicense. Few Bitcoin companies like ShapeShift, […]

Bitcoin Platform Safello Scores Big at BBVA’s Open Talent 2015

Safello, the Stockholm, Sweden-based bitcoin exchange, has moved a step closer to becoming a dominant European bitcoin exchange by winning a finalist spot in the BBVA Open Talent 2015 competition. The contest, now in its seventh year, awards innovative financial technology (“fintech”) projects that contribute to the financial service industry’s evolution. BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya […]

How the Man who Introduced Silicon Valley to Bitcoin First Discovered It

 Xapo CEO Wences Casares has been one of Bitcoin’s strongest supporters since 2011, but not many people have heard the story of how he originally got into this new form of digital money.  The Argentinian-born entrepreneur has been able to create one of the most well-capitalized companies in the space, and he was able to […]

18 Months after Adopting Bitcoin, TigerDirect Reports Fantastic Experience and Continued Growth

TigerDirect, an online retailer of computers and consumer electronics has been accepting bitcoin for 18 months through BitPay, beginning in January of 2014. Bitcoin Magazine sat down with Steven Leeds, head of marketing at TigerDirect to learn more about the company’s experience as one of the earliest major merchants to embrace Bitcoin. While recent reports […]

The Blockchain is the Next Big Thing, says Dutch Bank ABN AMRO Executive

Writing on the bank’s official website, ABN AMRO Head of Innovation Arjan van Os, praises the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin in an article titled “The Next Big Thing.” Dutch state-owned ABN AMRO Bank is a product of a long history of mergers and acquisitions that date to 1765, making it one of the oldest active […]