Australian Parliamentary Committee Shares Stance on Bitcoin

According to an Australian parliamentary committee, bitcoin is not a financial product yet. Based on their recommendation, the federal government should hold off on classifying cryptocurrencies as products that are subject to taxation. This parliamentary committee was created in October last year to investigate developments and applications of bitcoin and whether or not it should […] Introduces a New and Fast Process for Buying Bitcoin with a Credit Card has been working hard on adding the most convenient and popular payment and withdrawal methods along with an extremely professional digital currency platform and other important features. The company has been expanding with new partnerships, setting up new agents and increasing their network to provide customers an easy access to digital currencies. The exchange […]

Illegal Bitcoin Exchange Operator Faces Trial in NY Court

Anthony Murgio, who was charged for operating an illegal bitcoin exchange, has appeared in court to address the charges. Murgio was arrested back in July and has spent a few nights in Pinellas County jail before securing a $100,000 bond to be freed. In the hearing, Murgio let his lawyer Gregory W. Kehoe of the […]

Discussion of Bitcoin-XT Banned from Bitcoin Subreddit

In a move which has so far received apparently almost universal denouncement, Bitcoin community kingpin Michael Marquardt, who exerts significant control over Bitcointalk and the Bitcoin subreddit, has taken initiative to ban all discussion of Bitcoin-XT or “contentious hard forks” of Bitcoin Core. Also read: BitcoinTalk Staff Quietly Bans People for Speaking Out Against Them […]

Bitcoin Price and the Yuan

Bitcoin price diverged between exchanges today as a surprise yuan devaluation shifted buying pressure to the BTC/CNY exchange charts. The yuan is responsible for the greater bulk of bitcoin trade and showed its influence in the chart today. This analysis is provided by with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not […]