The Rediscovery of Bitcoin’s Blockchain: The World’s Most Powerful Anchor

Blockchains are set to go mainstream. As opposed to bitcoin – the currency – the underlying blockchain technology is embraced by prominent companies, banks, and even governments. A brand new industry is emerging based on this technological advancement that allows multiple entities to agree on a single version of a database with no need for […]

Sia Launches Decentralized Blockchain-based Storage Platform Similar to Filecoin and Storj

Decentralized cloud file hosting service operator Sia has announced the launch of an automated peer-to-peer blockchain-based collaborative cloud for data storage, allowing users to create tailored storage plans with robust security protocols. Similar to decentralized storage projects Filecoin and Storj, Sia aims to create a trustless, fault-tolerant, file storage service. The Sia platform stores personal […]

Goldman Sachs Has Big Predictions for the Blockchain

Goldman Sachs is bullish about blockchain, the underlying distributed ledger technology that powers the cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Leading investment banking firm Goldman Sachs has – in a research note sent to clients today – raved about the decentralized platform by stating that “the Blockchain, can change…well everything.” In a report by Business Insider, the bank […]

Bitcoin Gaming Brand LimoPlay Casino Celebrates Launch With 100% Match Bonus

Bitcoin Press Release: New online casino platform features a sleek luxurious design, state-of-the-art games and incorporates the use of Bitcoin for the ultimate player experience. A new online gambling house has emerged in the vast expanding online casino industry. offers a first-class gaming experience with a luxurious limousine inspired casino platform. LimoPlay offers […]

Bitcoin Price Up; Wild Ride!

Once again we’ve had a bit of a wild day in the bitcoin price. Having consolidated overnight in response to yesterday’s collapse, the bitcoin price found intraday lows at 348.59. From this level, today’s action has seen a rise up and through the level we predefined as this morning’s resistance, 356.58, and put us in […]

Co-Operative Internet : How Bitcoin Can Help Change Internet Business Models

Bitcoin Press Release: SearchTrade is a search engine on the surface but a whole lot more than just another search engine. It rewards advertisers, keyword owners and the end-user using SearchTrade, with Bitcoin. Bitcoin could be the start of a trend whereby technology works for humanity rather than against it. Wait… technology is working against […]

Kaiko: Real-time Data Source for Bitcoin Price, Network, Mining and Transactions

Bitcoin and blockchain analytics startup Challenge Deep has rebranded its service to Kaiko, to provide comprehensive, real-time data of bitcoin prices, exchanges, network, mining, blockchain and transactions. The Kaiko platform features a bitcoin price index, market data of major exchanges and an all-inclusive blockchain explorer. Advanced and high profile investors are also provided with live […]