Bitcoin Price Should Stabilize Near $5,000: Allianz Chief Economist

It is not terribly common for a mainstream economist to say something good about bitcoin in the period of its downtrend, but Mohamad El-Erian once again made an exception. Cryptocurrency’s Not Going Away The Allianz chief economic advisor said in an interview that cryptocurrencies are not dead, though they may be overvalued. He specifically mentioned […]

FINRA Takes Down HempCoin Cryptocurrency for Selling Unregistered Securities

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued its first cryptocurrency-related disciplinary action, charging Timothy Tilton Ayre, a broker in Agawam, MA., with securities fraud and the unlawful distribution of HempCoin, which the agency claims is an unregistered cryptocurrency security. FINFRA, a not-for-profit organization overseen by the SEC to author rules and enforce compliance of […]

Crypto Price Crash Similar to Dot-Com Bubble, and That’s not a Bad Thing

As Bitcoin ranges in the $6,000-7,000 range and regains its market dominance, many altcoins are being pushed to their year-to-date lows which is resulting in an overwhelmingly bearish market sentiment. Due to the negative market sentiment, mainstream media outlets have been quick to liken the 2018 crypto crash to the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. […]

Mt. Gox Opens Rehabilitation Filing System to Corporate Clients

Corporate customers tangled up in the aftermath of Mt. Gox’s historic hack can finally file for reparations. The now-defunct Japanese bitcoin exchange opened up its claim filing system to corporate users this Wednesday, September 12, 2018. Previously, the system was open only to non-corporate individuals as of August 23, 2018, but with today’s announcement, any […]

Ethereum Blockchain Being Used to Help Hurricane Victims with Insurance Payouts

Between Harvey, Irma, Maria, and now Florence, the United States has seen an unprecedented amount of disastrous natural disasters that have devastated communities and have left billions of dollars’ worth of damages in their wake. Ethereum’s blockchain is now potentially being used to solved many of the resulting problems. The sheer number of insurance requests […]

World Economic Forum and the Chinese Cryptocurrency Space

On the latest episode of The Bitcoin Game, host Rob Mitchell explains the recent trip he took to the World Economic Forum. Based in Davos, Switzerland, this international conference featured a wide number of economic experts and panelists within the international financial industry. Sitting on one such panel titled “The Crypto Asset Bubble,” Jennifer Zhu […]

Federal Judge Applies Long-Established Securities Law to ICOs

Does a decades-old securities law apply to an initial coin offering (ICO)? In a case that represents the first time securities laws have been applied to cryptocurrencies, a district judge says it may. On September 11, 2018, in a district courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, Judge Raymond Dearie ruled that two ICOs were securities, based […]