Three days of focused, structured business development and information exchange about the state of mobile payments. USA: Industry leaders are predicting a drastic climb in mobile payments over the next four years. Researchers estimate that Mobile payment transactions will reach $800 billion by 2019, and that number will continue to grow. As customers continue to […]

LakeBTC Bitcoin Exchange Now Allows GBP and JPY Deposits

LakeBTC, a bitcoin exchange company based in China, is now open for GBP and JPY deposits on its cryptocurrency platform. This move could open the company for more client accounts based in the UK and Japan, where bitcoin acceptance has also been increasing. In particular, clients can make a GBP deposit on LakeBTC through a […]

Gem CEO: Bitcoin Regulations are Trying to Fit a Round Peg in a Square Hole

Regulation has always been a contentious issue in the Bitcoin industry. Some members of the community wish to avoid any regulation at all costs, while others want to work closely with regulators to bring clarity to the space as soon as possible. A panel on Bitcoin regulation was recently featured at the American Banker Digital […]

Bitcoin Value: An Unsafe Haven

Bitcoin price has failed to push higher in the chart and now cannot avoid the strong bearish influence of the green 20MA crossing below the red 200MA in the daily chart. Our outlook changes from consolidation into advance, to correction into decline as bitcoin value is repriced. This analysis is provided by with a […]

Mexican Coffee Chain Begins Accepting Bitcoin At University Coffee Shop

In response to customer requests, one of Mexico’s largest coffee shop chains has begun accepting bitcoin at a university coffee shop. The Café Punta del Cielo coffee shop at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) has begun accepting bitcoin payments through Bitso, a Mexican bitcoin exchange. Café Punta del Cielo is a gourmet coffee producer […]

Global Economic Outlook: Market Turmoil

After several few weeks of uneasy quiet following the June and July disruptions international markets, on Monday, began showing signs of volatility that finally erupted into equity and commodity sell-offs that spilled into the currency markets. This is the kind of turmoil that results from investor psychology and is beyond the control of central banks […]

Intel Forays into Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the next in-thing. All electronic device manufacturing companies are eyeing the segment. Intel, Samsung, Google… you name it and they are gradually making inroads into the segment. Intel especially already has a lot riding on it. The semiconductor company is working hard to be the first on to get there. Intel’s […]