Bitcoin Price Wows The Market

At 09h00 UTC, today, the bulls stampeded bitcoin price through the resistance ceiling. The move was relentless and pushed price $20 higher in some exchanges. Recent price action had most traders (correctly) positioned short prior to the catastrophic spike. The analysis below may put some joy inside your tears. This analysis is provided by […]

Uber Bitcoin Payments No Longer Possible Thru Bitcoin Builder

Since ride-sharing platform Uber has denied rumors saying that it is accepting bitcoin transactions and clarified that this feature is not yet in the pipeline, Bitcoin Builder sought to create a workaround by offering users access to its Uber business account to make bitcoin payments. However, Uber decided to suspend this particular account this week. […]

Global Economic Outlook: Lake Placid

The week’s economic calendar is quiet, with the major events being Greek parliamentary developments and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Washington. Following the Fed’s decision to not hike rates this month, the market seems lost for something useful to do and the sense is that the global economy is chugging along in a familiar […]

Coinbase Files for Nine Patent Bitcoin Applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office

The San Francisco-based Bitcoin services Company, Coinbase has filed applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company has filled for nine Bitcoin-related applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Coinbase is filing for patents for the following applications: Hot wallet for holding Bitcoin User Private Key Control Bitcoin Private Key Splitting […]

21 Inc. Unveils a New $400 Bitcoin Computer

Bitcoin startup 21 Inc. is releasing its first ever consumer product – a tiny, Linux-operated computer that is both a bitcoin miner and allows users to buy, sell and rent products for Bitcoin. 21 Inc. has developed a diminutive $400 computer that is equipped with a WiFi adapter, a 128 GB SD card that includes […]

Storj Network Passes 1 Petabyte Storage Space

Decentralized cloud storage provider Storj Labs Inc. has announced that its second round of network testing called “Test Group B” has reached the 1 petabyte milestone of managed storage space. Test Group B is an in-depth test of the platform’s storage client DriveShare, a software that enables users to earn money by sharing extra hard […]

Press Release: Bitcoin Lottery YABTCL Offers Over 1 BTC In Free Draws, Introduces Unprecedented Variable House Edge Feature

Bitcoin Press Release: Provably fair online Bitcoin lottery platform YABTCL has implemented an unprecedented variable house edge feature, giving the lottery less advantage over the player than in traditional draws. YABTCL recently celebrated its 2nd year of smooth operations. Provably fair online Bitcoin lottery YABTCL just released their variable house edge system in their instant […]

Press Release: DNotes Live on Cryptsy For Bitcoin Trading, Growth of Ecosystem With World’s First Cryptocurrency Savings Accounts Continues Unabated

Stable Bitcoin alternative DNotes has just been added to reputable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy. DNotes offers a complete digital currency infrastructure; including the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans. Chicago, Illinois – DNotes is pleased to announce it has recently been added to reputable digital currency exchange Cryptsy. Operating for over 2 years, Cryptsy […]