Is The Bitcoin Price Winding Up For A Big Move?

We are publishing our second bitcoin price watch piece a little later than normal today, primarily because action throughout this afternoon’s European session has failed to bring any real entry signals to the table, and we thought we would hold out a little bit in order to see if anything materialized. As it turns out, […]

Bitcoin Price Holds Above $300

As quickly as bitcoin price had dropped below it, the $330 level has been reclaimed and is currently supporting an unsure sideways price pattern. The outlook turns cautiously optimistic, but we see from similar price action, during September, that at least one more drop lower could happen before any return to advance. This analysis is […]

UBS’ Blockchain-Based ‘Digital Coin’ Gains Funds Raised by Partner Clearmatics

The utility settlement coin developed by Switzerland-based UBS in partnership with Clearmatics Technologies has gained its first round of funding thanks to UK-based Clearmatics. The initiative to link real-world fiat currencies with central bank accounts through a ‘settlement coin’ gained traction after Clearmatics completed its first round of funding. The blockchain-based settlement coin, dubbed ‘digital […]

Global Economic Outlook: Japan, US Dollar

With the central bank of all central banks approaching a rate lift-off, the US dollar is rearing to spring into a multi-year rally. Meanwhile, central banks in Europe, China and Japan continue devaluing their currencies in a last ditch attempt to spur inflation before the inevitable rates hike constricts global credit. Today’s GEO considers economic […]

How to make money by spreading the word about Bitcoin

The post How to make money by spreading the word about Bitcoin appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. In the previous videos I’ve shown you different methods of capitalizing on the bitcoin economy. Today I’m going to give you one trick you can use to earn money with Bitcoin, and earn it fast. Now this method […]

Singapore Prime Minister: "Banks Must Take Advantage of Technologies like Bitcoin"

In a talk given at the United Overseas Bank 80th anniversary dinner held on Thursday, Singapore’s Prime Minister Hsien Loong advised the country’s banks and regulators to explore the advantages and unique applications of emerging technologies such as Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain. Loong proposed an extensive examination and research of the Bitcoin […]