Trezor Hardware Wallets May Soon Support Ethereum

Trezor, the hardware Bitcoin wallet from SatoshiLabs will soon allow users to store ether in it as well. The latest news snippet is making rounds on the internet communities. The claims about Trezor extending support to ether is also backed by the respective source code for the hardware wallet which is available on the device’s […]

AliPay Stuck in China’s ID Regulation; Opportunities for Bitcoin

Chinese capital controls have an impact on the local economy, but also on any payment service provider dealing with the yuan. Alipay, which is the country’s largest payment processor, cannot continue their overseas expansion die to even tighter capital control rules. Alipay Will Not Expand Internationally for Now China’s largest third-party payments system had high […]

Bitcoin Price Meandering Above $450

Bitcoin price meanders – seemingly without aim – as volume continues shrinking. Markets sometimes experience the doldrums and this seems to be it. Remain focused, however, since such periods typically precede sudden large moves. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now and […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Live Trade!

The Wednesday session is drawing to a close in Europe, and it’s time to take our second look at what the markets presented today, and in turn, use this action to put forward a potential trading strategy as we head into the US afternoon, and beyond that, into the Asian session this evening. In this […]

IBM Calls For Government To Play A Support Role For ‘Permissioned Blockchain’

IBM sees blockchain technology as an essential tool for business, government, and society, and as such, its development calls for government support, according to Jerry Cuomo, the company’s vice president of blockchain technologies. He believes the technology can transform commerce as well as interactions between individuals and governments. Cuomo presented his viewpoint, which he posted on […]