TAO Network Partners with Boogie Shack Music Group to Offer Blockchain Solution

Bitcoin Press Release: TAO Network has partnered with Boogie Shack Music Group to develop Blockchain-based tools and services for the music publishing company. August 22, 2016 Los Angeles, CA – TAO Network, the cryptocurrency based smart contract DAO platform specializing in offering solutions to the music industry has announced its latest partnership with the leading […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Stop Loss Hit – Onwards!

So that’s it for the day – the European markets have now drawn to a close, and it’s time to take a look at the second of our twice daily bitcoin price analyses. We’ve had a pretty rough day from a trading perspective. With this morning’s setup, we looked to get in and out on […]

Bitcoin IRA Offering 1% Silver Rebates to New Clients

A Californian Bitcoin startup aiming to protect senior citizens’ retirement savings from market turmoils has announced a special offer. Bitcoin IRA, as the company is aptly titled, is now providing a 1% silver rebate to all new IRA account holders. The new offer ensures to deliver actual silver to clients’ home address if they open […]

YoCoin Transforms into an Ethereum Based Cryptocurrency Asset with Smart Contract Applications

August 23, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand – The peer to peer digital currency, YoCoin is now an Ethereum based asset. With this latest development, one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency now has smart contract applications as well. Formerly based on the Scrypt mining algorithm, YoCoin now enables smart contracts with a wide range of applications. With YoCoin, contracts […]

Strategic Alliance Formed to Speed Up Adoption of Blockchain Technology in China

The Chinese government has created a blockchain working group of government and blockchain industries to fast-forward the development and adoption of blockchain technology and prepare for the upcoming Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai this September. The three-way strategic alliance among the Chinese government, ChinaLedger and the Shenzhen Consortium forms an unprecedented organized force, mandated to […]

Chain Joins Industry-Academia Blockchain Initiative to Solve Interoperability and Scalability Issues

Chain Inc., a blockchain company specializing in enterprise software for financial firms, has joined the Initiative for Cryptocurrency and Contracts (IC3) to advance blockchain development for the financial services industry and “ensure cross-industry interoperability and harmonization.” Chain has identified several specific projects on which the company will collaborate with IC3. These projects focus on blockchain […]