Trump and Brexit Make Bitcoin an Appealing Option for Investors

In a highly eventful program of events for economy watchers, last week saw UK prime minister Theresa May announce that Brexit was going to mean the UK leaving the single market, Trump being inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, and the European Central Bank announcing that there would be no change in […]

Creditbit Platform Builds its Brand with a New Logo

Creditbit cryptocurrency platform is announcing the launch of a new logo as part of its rebranding initiative. Creditbit is taking the cryptocurrency community by a wave. The open source digital currency platform based on an MIT/X11 license presents itself as an alternative to Bitcoin. As Bitcoin continues to struggle with scalability issues and increasing miner […]

HB 436 Can Make Bitcoin Users Exempt From Money Transmission Regulation

Regulating companies active in the bitcoin world have proven to be quite challenging. In most cases, bitcoin startups dealing with customer deposits are labeled as money transmitters. New Hampshire legislators are now seeking an exemption for bitcoin startups through the HB 436 proposal. It remains unclear if their proposal will be approved, as it will […]