Bitcoin Has Grown beyond Volatility Issues

The volatile nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has worked both ways. Traders peg their hopes on volatility to make money while those who prefer investing long-term dread the price fall. The very nature of cryptocurrencies has also forced various central banks across the world to issue warnings in public interest against its use. But […]

Online Casinos vs. Bitcoin Casinos

If you’re into online gaming, you might have played on quite a few online casinos before. As you probably know, few things can beat the rush that goes along with playing your favorite online casino games from the comfort of your own home. However, if you have not yet played on a casino that accepts […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What We’re Looking At Right Now

In this morning’s bitcoin price analysis, we rushed into our daily take as price was moving fast (we were looking at an upside gap as the piece was being put together) and we didn’t want to waste any time looking at overnight action. This evening, we’re going to mimic that approach. Action today has been […]

IOTA, a Cryptotoken for the Internet of Things’ Applications

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are going to be the future. The IOTA tokens combine the goodness of all the three into one. However, unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the IOTA micro-transaction token is based on Tangle ledger specifically designed for the Internet of Things related applications, way back in 2015. According […]