Bitcoin Price Watch; Closing Out The Week On A High

So that’s it, another week complete in our bitcoin price trading efforts. As we said this morning, it has been a pretty busy week. Action hasn’t really slowed down all week, be it to the upside or the downside, and of course, we have seen an aggregate appreciation in the value of bitcoin for some […]

Exscudo Helpdesk Launched

The team has launched an automatic helpdesk to provide for quick customer assistance. The Helpdesk team deals with technical problems of Exscudo customers. There are two ways of sending an inquiry: sending an email to [email protected] or creating an issue on The help desk web page requires an additional registration with the same email address as used […]

CREDITBIT: The Perfect Crypto for Asian Markets

Asian markets are gaining prominence in the crypto currency economy as a result of the huge influence wielded by them and the importance they have come to enjoy in the industry. Asian countries lead in understanding of digital cash and its disruptive potential along with the unique features offered by it. The popularity of digital […]

SALT Enables Traditional Lending Secured by Cryptocurrency

A new startup in Denver, Colorado has set out to take on the blockchain-based lending market. Secured Automated Lending Technology, or SALT for short, is a membership-based financial enterprise with its eyes set on being recognized as the first lending platform to facilitate loans collateralized by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Touted as “traditional lending secured by […]

Hyperledger Moves Blockchain Frameworks Sawtooth and Iroha Forward, Adds Members

Hyperledger, the open-source, cross-industry collaborative effort focusing on blockchain technology, has advanced the status of its Sawtooth and Iroha blockchain frameworks from “Incubation” to “Active” status. The green light was given by Hyperledger’s 12-member Technical Steering Committee (TSC), chaired by Christopher Ferris, CTO of Open Technology at IBM. It followed an extensive review period during […]

Qtum’s Block Size Limit Will Be Governed by Smart Contracts: Here’s How

Qtum is an up-and-coming smart contract platform set to launch in September of this year. Sometimes ambitiously referring to itself as “China’s Ethereum,” the project recently raised $15 million in three days through a successful crowdsale or “Initial Coin Offering” (ICO). On a technical level, the Qtum blockchain will resemble Bitcoin, but will integrate an […]

DCG’s Bitcoin Scaling Proposal and What it Needs to Succeed

Spearheaded by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group (DCG), over 50 companies signed and published on Medium a “Bitcoin Scaling Agreement” this week. The agreement intends to put an end to Bitcoin’s long-lasting scaling debate. But whether it actually will is a different question. Here’s what the agreement entails, how it compares to existing scaling proposals […]