Congress Should Take Action Against Privacy Coins: Secret Service Official

A top official in the US Secret Service has asked Congress to take action against privacy-centric cryptocurrencies like zcash and monero, which include features designed to help users make anonymous transactions. In prepared testimony given on Wednesday before the House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance, Robert Novy — […]

EOS User Posts Private Key Online, Dares Critics to Steal Funds

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that one should never expose their private keys to another individual or an untrusted piece of software. However, one EOS backer is putting that worldview to the test. On Friday, anonymous Steemit user “eosinsider” levied a challenge to the nascent cryptocurrency’s critics: here’s my private key — steal my funds. […]

Insight From a Place of Crisis: Bitcoin as an Agent of Change

Delving into bitcoin can take guts — and not just the type of bravado needed to embrace crypto speculation. Sometimes standing up for bitcoin also means standing up for your homeland and fellow citizens, in search of a better way. The latter display of bravery is embedded in the recently launched Let’s Talk Bitcoin! podcast […]

Japan’s bitFlyer Halts Taking on New Business to Fix Issues Following FSA Order

bitFlyer, Japan’s largest Bitcoin exchange, is being forced to stop taking on new business after regulators said it wasn’t doing enough to stop money laundering and terrorist financing. The move by the Tokyo-based exchange saw a drop in the price of the coin and highlights how the country’s financial watchdog, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), […]

Mt. Gox Creditors May Be Reimbursed in Bitcoin Under Civil Rehabilitation

The Japan-based Mt. Gox exchange had its bankruptcy stayed due to a petition filed by some of the creditors for the commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings in Tokyo District Court on November 24, 2017, and heard today, June 22, 2018. Mt. Gox was forced into criminal bankruptcy after more than $473 million in bitcoin was […]

Ethereum’s Swarm Moves Closer to Achieving a Decentralized Internet

The Swarm team has announced the immediate release of Swarm client v0.3. Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service which can facilitate decentralized hosting of websites leading to censorship-resistant content. Code Merged into Master Branch The main aim of Swarm is to provide a decentralized store of Ethereum’s public record. This will […]

Asset Management Firm Launches Chinese Blockchain ETF

Blockchain technology has grabbed the interest of investors globally as it has quickly grown into one of the most exciting areas due to its wide variety of application across industries. This is why Reality Shares, an asset management firm, is launching China’s first blockchain ETF, which gives investors access to Chinese companies at the forefront […]

World Refugee Day: How Digital Identities Can Help a Population in Crisis

According to statistics from the United Nations Refugee Agency, there are 25.4 million refugees in the world and some 3.1 million asylum seekers. On this year’s World Refugee Day, we’re reminded of the perpetual crises that plague our international communities and the displaced individuals they create. For those in the blockchain industry, today may also serve […]