Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange Wins Injunction Against Bank Who Closed Its Account

Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Walltime has recently won a court battle against local bank Caixa Econômica Federal, forcing it to unfreeze its account holding more than $200,000 worth of funds. Crypto Exchange Walltime Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Hostile Bank According to local news outlet Portal do Bitcoin, Walltime won a preliminary injunction, meaning the court’s decision […]

Queensland Backs Cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale Project for Tourism

The Queensland government in Australia is backing a cryptocurrency point-of-sale system that officials believe will help boost tourism throughout the area. Thus far, they have given over $8 million in Australian dollars ($6 million USD) to roughly 70 different companies that will work to inspire innovation and create new ideas within the region’s travel space. […]

Crypto Price Tracker CoinMarketCap Launches Professional Data Feed

Cryptocurrency price tracker and data aggregator CoinMarketCap has launched a new suite of professional API services designed for cryptocurrency funds and developers. CMC Launches Professional API The website has long provided users with a basic, zero-fee API, but the new product offers more data points, as well as higher rate limits to meet the needs […]

[promoted] GXChain and the Blockchain Data Economy

Imagine a new digital economy, one that allows everyday people to take full control of their personal data. Complete with a public chain for data transactions and application development, this system would foster a trustworthy, domain-wide data exchange that capitalizes on the torrent of advancements taking place through blockchain technology. A rapidly growing enterprise known […]

U.S. Investors See Bitcoin as “Risky,” Opt for “Security Over Growth”

Figures from a recent poll indicate that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are still viewed with suspicion by most U.S. investors, with only 2 percent of them holding bitcoin and another 75 percent of them describing bitcoin as “very risky.” Conducted by Gallup and Wells Fargo, the poll surveyed nearly 2,000 American investors with holdings exceeding $10,000. […]