Bitcoin Miner in China Receives Prison Sentence for Electricity Theft

A man has plead guilty to stealing electricity from the Chinese state to power his Bitcoin mining operation. Xu Xinghu will be forced to serve a three and a half year prison sentence and pay around a $14,500 fine for his crime. Dwindling Profit Margins Cause Bitcoin Miners to Steal Power According to reports in […]

Binance to Make Listing Fees Transparent, Give Proceeds to Charity

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, said that it will make new cryptocurrency listing fees transparent and donate 100 percent of those fees to charity. The exchange made the announcement today, October 8, 2018, in a blog post where it stated that a listing fee would now be more appropriately called a “donation.” […]

Bitcoin News Summary – October 8, 2018

The post Bitcoin News Summary – October 8, 2018 appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.  China’s longest-running technology magazine, Beijing Sci-Tech Report, will accept Bitcoin payments for annual subscriptions. Starting in 2019, readers will can pay 0.01 BTC to receive the publication. Some crypto industry […]

BlackBerry to Launch Blockchain for Medical Data Sharing

BlackBerry Limited has now come up with a blockchain solution for secure data sharing among healthcare providers in order to improve patient outcomes. The company is using its network operation center (NOC) to power a blockchain digital ledger that aims to create a secure global system for storing and sharing patient medical data, a release […]

Bitcoin Volatility Hits 17-Month Low, What’s Next?

Bitcoin’s volatility rates have hit a 17-month low, due to a combination of a slow news cycle and low trading volume, leading some investors to believe that the lack of volatility could signal a maturing market. Despite this, debate remains as to whether or not a stable Bitcoin is a positive sign for its future. […]