BitcoinFax: a Simple and Efficient Use Case for Bitcoin Micropayments

While Internet citizens find it strange that fax machines still exist, everyone still needs to send faxes at times – often to large legacy organizations, banks and public administrations that still live in the 20th century. Sending faxes is difficult because almost nobody has a fax machine at home anymore, and going to a post […]

NorthPayments, a leading payment processor in the UK, collaborate with to introduce an alternative payment option for customers

NorthPayments, a leading UK-based provider of online solutions, will be the first European Payment Gateway to accept payments via Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. Bitcoins are, by nature, irreversible, meaning that this new service will provide […]


Bankymoon Introduces Bitcoin Payments to Smart Meters for Power Grids

South African Bitcoin startup Bankymoon has built the world’s first blockchain smart metering solution for modern power and utility grids, VentureBurn reports. The startup outlined its plans in a presentation titled “Smart Grids and the Blockchain – Bitcoin’s first killer App” at the recent Bitcoin Conference Africa in Cape Town, South Africa. Lorien Gamaroff, founder […]

Bitcoin Basics Explained: The ABCs of BTC (Q – U)

Tyrone Johnson So far in this series, Bitcoin Basics Explained: the ABCs of BTC, I have reviewed topics from “A is for Acceptability” all the way to “P is for Public.” Let’s keep exploring. Please remember that the intention is not to go into great depth but to review the basics of each topic. Q […]

GAW Miners’ Scheme is Finally Revealed

Dustin O’Bryant GAW Miners, GAW Labs, related companies, and Josh Garza are a recurring theme here.  The company, GAW Miners, started as a hardware reseller, focused on Scrypt mining, but eventually expanding to SHA256 and Bitcoin. After that, the company seemed to go off the tracks when it launched it’s cloud-mining “Hashlet”. Since that time, we […]

CoinShield: Defending the Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency industry from Scam and Clone coins

CoinShield is an innovative and potentially disruptive concept for the cryptocurrency industry and we aim to follow it closely and provide readers and the public with detailed information.  This article will be updated with new information regarding development of the core protocol and CoinShield services.  We will bring more information to light about the developers […]