HashingSpace Corporation Launches Bitcoin ASIC Mining and Hosting Operations

Bitcoin Press Release: US based HashingSpace Corporation is pleased to announce it is officially open for business. HashingSpace provides hosted Bitcoin ASIC mining, Bitcoin cloud mining solutions, and Bitcoin ATM’s, among other essential services to the Bitcoin ecosystem. WENATCHEE, WA, June 16, 2015 – (OTC: MLSO) HashingSpace Corporation, a Bitcoin ASIC mining and hosting company, […]

Crypto Jewellery – Jewellery for Bitcoin Enthusiasts

Crypto Jewellery is a new company that produces unique jewellery devoted to crypto currency and to bitcoin in particular. All jewellery items are gathered into collections that are strictly limited in number. All sets in each collection are also limited. E.g the first collection called ‘DigiSymbol’ contains only 888 sets with five jewellery items in […]

Bitcoin Price Surges to $250 in a Magnificent Price Action

Bitcoin price has surged to $250 and 1600 CNY in what can only be described as magnificent price action. No other market instrument can do this and it is a unexpected reminder of the speculative potential in Bitcoin! This analysis is provided by xbt.social with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not […]

BitShares 2.0 Plans to Adapt New SmartChains Cryptotechnology

BitShares, a blockchain-based financial smart contract platform has announced the upgrade of BitShares 2.0. The platform is now built on a system known as “Graphene toolkit,” which is developed by an independent blockchain development company founded by the core developers of BitShares, called Cryptonomex Inc. With the implementation of a new crypto-technology called SmartChains, the […]

What Can Bitcoin Do For The Music Industry?

The Bitcoin technology has a lot of applications, and the Music Industry is one of the areas where this new technology can bring up a lot of innovations. The underlying wizardry behind the Blockchain will enable the creation of a new ecosystem for content producers and consumers and to revolutionize the Music Industry. The Blockchain […]

Swedish Bank Does Special OPED on Bitcoin

Swedish Bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB) recently did a special op-ed piece on Bitcoin. The article, which was published in a local Swedish newspaper Svanska Dagbladet, consecutively shifted between praising and criticizing the digital currency, probably to maintain the diplomatic quotient of its opinion. It started with a special comment on Bitcoin’s stability, recalling […]

What Does Future Hold for Apple Pay?

Apple recently announced that it is going to extend its Apple Pay service to United Kingdom. Apple Pay is a mobile wallet and payment system launched late last year. In spite of the usual Apple’s way of presenting things along with relevant technical components, enabling contactless and in app payments failed to meet the expectations […]

Bitcoin Price Advance Gains Momentum

Bitcoin price advance started gaining momentum toward the end of the current wave. Analysis shows price may make an additional high and if the previous acceleration continues, price may continue surprising despite strong technical indications requiring it to cool down. This analysis is provided by xbt.social with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis […]

A Bitcoin Fork Should be Avoided at All Costs

Anywhere you look, there seems to be a consensus that something has to change with the size of the Bitcoin blocks. Words like “scaling” come up a lot, and how we must be able to compete with Visa and MasterCard if everyday people are ever going to take Bitcoin seriously. While this may be true, […]