Launches Private Beta

Bitcoin Press Releases: Cryptocurrency trading platform looks to iron out kinks before public release., a bitcoin trading platform specializing in futures trading by providing the instrument to fix the US dollar (USD) value of bitcoin (BTC) income, regardless of BTC/USD rate changes, is launching a private beta of its platform this month. To join, […]

5 Bitcoin ATM Companies Switch To Running Bitcoin Classic

In the continuing struggle between advocates for Bitcoin core and the hard fork of Bitcoin Classic, some Bitcoin ATM’s have drawn a line in the sand on where they hope the future of the cryptocurrency to go in favor of Bitcoin Classic. In a recent Reddit thread posted on behalf of the Bitcoin ATM company […]

Safe Cash Payments Claims 25,000 Transactions a Second With Blockchain Tech

Safe Cash, a blockchain-based cash payment service, claims it can handle 25,000 transactions per second – more than 3,000 times as many as the bitcoin network – bringing cash into the electronic ecosystem. Safe Cash is an end-to-end secure payment platform giving banks, businesses and consumers instant and final cash-based transactions. Banks provide tokens redeemable […]

I’m a Former Green Beret Here’s How I Would Bring Down Bitcoin

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” – Sun Tzu,The Art of War Anyone with experience in extended, unconventional conflict should be able to recognize current patterns in the Bitcoin and digital currency space that resemble subversive activity. Is a game of social engineering being leveled at the Bitcoin community? […]

Former Standard Chartered CEO: To Fight Fraud, Banks Must Stop Issuing High Value Currency Notes

Peter Sands, the former chief executive of British multinational and financial services company Standard Chartered, states that central banks must terminate the issuance of £50, $100 and€500 bills to reduce the circulation of fraudulent transactions. Sands’ new report titled “Making it Harder for the Bad Guys: The Case for Eliminating High Denomination Notes”, published by […]

Bitcoin’s Emerging Growth Story: Gamers

This post is by Michael Gord. Thousands of companies around the world accept Bitcoin as payment. Many of those are set up to immediately convert Bitcoin into fiat currency. OPSkins, an online marketplace of digital gaming skins, demonstrates the value of pairing a digital currency with a digital economy and is setting a new standard […]