Bitcoin Price Caught In A Trap

Bitcoin price is making small moves in a narrow space as traders lose track of direction and wave counts. It may be a countdown to a price surge or a build-up to a let-down. This analysis is provided by with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now […]

Storj Network Launches New Test Phase

Storj is an open source project aiming to offer a completely decentralized, secure, and efficient cloud storage service that also serves as a peer-to-peer payment system like Bitcoin. Storj allows users to rent out their unused space to other participants. The network uses StorjcoinX (SJCX), as the currency for driving the network. In an effort […]

Want to Diversify Your Portfolio With Bitcoin? Well, Now You Can!

Investments in Bitcoin, as an asset class, have been going downhill because of the unnatural volatility, thereby leading to a further drop in the price. In 2014, even with investments in the underlying technology soaring to all-time record levels, Bitcoin bagged the “worst performing currency of the year” with a sharp 80 percent decline in […]

Coinapult Coming Back to America

Coinapult, the service that allows users to lock in the value of their Bitcoin by storing them with it, announced today that it is going to be coming back to the US market. Coinapult will no longer be handling the fiat side of its business, instead handing over this side of its operation to Crypto […]

Bitcoin Lending Platform Bitbond Rakes in 600K Euro Investment

Global Bitcoin P2P lending platform Bitbond has raised 600,000 euros in second tranche of angel funding. The platform’s total funding for the round has now reached 800,000 euros. The prominent angel investors this time included Florian Heinemann and Uwe Horstmann (Project A), Christian Vollmann (early investor in ResearchGate), and Felix Jahn (co-founder of Home24). Bitbond […]

Breaking: 21 Inc Releases New Bitcoin Mining Chip for Smartphones

2015 might be the year of the Bitcoin start-up 21 Inc. The record-holder for the most well-financed Bitcoin company in history, 21 Inc.’s $116 million venture capital treasure chest is now starting to bear fruit. Today, 21 Inc. has released plans for their new and revolutionary Bitcoin mining chip called the 21 BitShare, according to […]

African Bitcoin Remittance Service BitPesa Expands to Tanzania

African Bitcoin startup BitPesa launched its remittance service in Tanzania today. The service previously was available only in Kenya, where the company is headquartered. It hopes to undercut the fees charged by incumbents’ remittance services. BitPesa launched its international money transfer in Kenya last year with the goal of expanding the service to the rest […]

Bitcoin Retailer Harborly Launches in the US and Gears Up For India Expansion

Texas-based startup Harborly launched its Bitcoin retail service in the United States today. Harborly, which was already operational in Canada, will be the first U.S. bitcoin-buying service to offer users the ability to lock their bitcoin to a fixed U.S. dollar exchange rate when it launches the feature in June. Harborly, founded by computer programmers […]

Bitcoin Price Contracts To a Fizzle

Apparent price breakouts are occurring with greater frequency as the Bitcoin price chart is shunted this way and that by concentrated forces inside a narrow consolidation channel. The bears are convinced price is about to drop to the floor. The bulls are stacking orders for a spectacular rally. Best to buy one ticket for each […]

Hong Kong Banks Targeted By DDOS Attacks, Bitcoin Payout Demanded

On May 9, an international group of hackers launched distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on two of the largest financial institutions in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police confirmed that they have received reports from the Bank of China and the Bank of East Asia claiming that the hackers demanded payments in bitcoin. “The two […]