Rootstock Merges Bitcoin and Ethereum to Help World Bank with Micro-Lending

Rootstock, a P2P platform based on the block chain that implements smart contracts using the capabilities of Ethereum with the transparency and security of the bitcoin network, is negotiating with the World Bank and some Latin American banks to provide microlending for the unbanked, according to the International Business Times. Rootstock hopes to give banks the […]

Vegas Casino Offers Attractive Bitcoin Bonuses to New Players

Popular Bitcoin gaming website Vegas Casino has brought an attractive “welcome bonus” to players making their first deposit into their platform. The bonus, as stated in Vegas Casino’s official website, enables players to double their first deposit. So if someone deposits, say, 1 BTC, for the first time, he becomes liable to receive an additional […]

ZPN offers free VPN services and the opportunity to pay with bitcoins

Bitcoin Press Release: VPN services are now more affordable than ever, due to the accounts offered by ZPN. The well-known VPN service provider ZPN, announced to offer free VPN services and to allow customers to pay with bitcoins for the advanced accounts. Apparently ZPN knows just how important security and privacy is when any of […]

Bitcoin Price Flat; Asian Session Action?

So earlier this morning we published our twice daily bitcoin price watch piece. In the article we noted that – as a result of all the volatility we have seen over the last few weeks – we would look to implement our breakout strategy on any break of our predefined key levels. Action has now […]

GhostSec: ISIS Has Bitcoin Wallet Worth $3 Million

Following the recent attacks on Paris, GhostSec, an Anonymous off-shoot which actively hacks ISIS efforts worldwide, said that ISIS regularly uses cryptocurrencies to fund its operations. It offered evidence from September, in which the group believed it had uncovered a single address worth $3 million in bitcoins (which would have appreciated significantly here recently.) The […]

Bitcoin Researcher Has Bitcoins Stolen From Private Key on Shirt

The rising trend of bitcoin and substantial growth of investments in the digital currency space has increased the awareness of bitcoin across major cities in the United States. Since early 2015, an escalating number of mainstream media outlets, international government agencies and law enforcement agencies have exclusively featured bitcoin in various publications and reports. Such […]