Water Project, Inc. Launches Bitcoin Initiative to Help Sub Saharan Countries

The Water Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing sustainable water projects to sub-Saharan African communities, has launched a new bold initiative, with the help of bitcoin. The organization has introduced a new program named “The Water Promise,” which combines high-tech remote monitoring with local repair teams to ensure that water is reliable and self-sustainable in […]

Bitcoin Noob Mistakes

Bitcoin has been around for over 6 years, and gone from cult underground to mainstream, becoming the discussion of corporate executives, politicians, and academics around the world. One would think that is more than enough time to learn the basics about cryptocurrency, but that is sadly not the case. This is a list of some […]

Jersey Government Plans to Regulate Digital Currency in 2016

Jersey is an island off of the coast of Normandy with a self-governing government but still autonomously attached to the United Kingdom. Much like the Isle of Man, Jersey has been seen as one of the safe havens for digital currencies. It has led a lot of people working on financial and technological innovation to […]

Bitcoin Price vs Litecoin Price

Bitcoin has spent 2015 in a sideways consolidation. A look at the Litecoin price chart sheds some light and shows up a lot of noise that had been distracting exchange chart investors for the past 10 months. This analysis is provided by xbt.social with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a […]

Bitcoin Price Entry; Live Trade

Earlier this morning, we published out twice daily bitcoin price watch piece, with a twist. We left it a little later to publish, with the goal of altering our strategy to accommodate a range trade approach, instead of our usual breakout strategy. Action has now matured, and the Asian session will kick off shortly. As […]

UK E-Tailers Struck by DDoS Attacks by Bitcoin Seeking Hackers

At the very least, a trio of UK-based electronic retail websites have been inundated with DDoS attacks by hackers holding the websites to ransom in exchange for Bitcoin. The websites have suffered temporary outage and have since put up a bounty to round up on the bitcoin-seeking attackers. Electronic retailers Aria Technology, Novatech and Scan […]

Impostors Attempt Twitter Phishing Attack on Users of Bitcoin Wallet Electrum

A bit of a public service announcement today as Reddit user ZoidbergCoin reported a phishing attempt on the part of a false Electrum Twitter account. The attackers were clever, creating an exact clone of the original Electrum Twitter, but using an “I” (uppercase) instead of a lowercase “l.” On first glance, it’s hard to tell […]