MIT Triumphs as the Most Insecure University in the US, Study Reveals

One of the foremost computer science and engineering schools, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranked at the very end of 485 colleges and universities analyzed and graded for IT security risks in a security benchmarking study. The post MIT Triumphs as the Most Insecure University in the US, Study Reveals appeared first on CCN: Financial […]

British Monarchy is Richer Than Ever

The British monarchy is richer than ever. Queen Elizabeth became the longest serving royal ever on September 9 after 63 years on the throne. Reuters found that the British monarchy has benefitted from an increase in house and land prices especially in the wake of the 2007 global financial crisis.  The queen has made headlines […]

Will Scotland Get its Own Digital Currency?

Scotland is being urged to create its own digital currency. Known as the ScotPound, the currency would operate in an identical manner to bitcoin. A Scottish think tank is suggesting that approximately S£250 be given to every citizen in order to jumpstart activity and get the “ball rolling” on the United Kingdom’s latest trend in […]

Adam Back on 3 Forms of Centralization That Have Crept Into Bitcoin

At the crux of the block-size limit debate in Bitcoin is an argument between scaling and securing the network. Although raising the block-size limit would allow more transactions to be processed in each block, it could also limit the ability for individuals in some parts of the world to run a full node or participate […]

Nasdaq CIO Says Bitcoin Can Transform Stock Market

In a feature on WIRED, Nasdaq CIO Brad Peterson shared that bitcoin technology could transform the stock market. Nasdaq is the second-largest exchange in the world based on capitalization, next to the New York Stock Exchange. In particular, Peterson and his team are working on a system that can make use of the distributed public […]

NSFW: A Niche Fetish Site Just For Bitcoiners

Saffron Bacchus made Bitcoiners very happy internet participants lately when she launched her new membership site, (NSFW) Bacchus Entertainment. As she told Redditors: I think 2015 is going to be huge for bitcoin so I think it’s time to stop getting screwed over by credit companies and just go 100% on bitcoin! You can check […]