Symbiont Raises $1.25M Seed Funding from Former NYSE CEO for ‘Smart Securities’ on the Blockchain

In March, Bitcoin Magazine reported that Counterparty founders had joined with MathMoney f(x) and its founder Mark Smith as co-founders of the new fintech company Symbiont, focused on fostering the symbiotic relationship between traditional financial markets and cryptographic blockchain technology. According to the Symbiont’s website, the company is building the first issuance and trading platform […]

Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (BTCS) and Spondoolies-Tech Move Forward with Merger

In an attempt to create one of the world’s first publicly traded bitcoin transaction verification companies, Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (BTCS) and Spondoolies-Tech, Ltd. have announced that they are in the process of merging. By merging, BTCS, which recently launched its own mining farm, would gain access to the technology of one of the top hardware […]

Nearly Every Credit Card Machine Is at Risk Of being Hacked

Next time you’re paying for some of your consumer grade what-have-yous, you might think twice when your cashier asks, “credit or debit?” As CNN reports, credit cards are not a secure form of payment. Nearly all of them are at risk of being hacked. 90% of credit card readers currently use the same password. Lack […] Launches First Ever Digital Currency Exchange App for iOS, a well-known digital currency exchange, has just announced that the trading platform is available on the IOS app store, making it the first mobile exchange app ever permitted on the app store. Along with Apple’s announcement of iOS 9, users will be able to trade bitcoin with monero, counterparty, dash, and other altcoins from […]

Estonian Bank Applies Bitcoin Technology to Create a Wallet App

Estonia-based LHV Bank has given its nod to create an app that will utilize the Bitcoin blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. The money-transfer app has been named as “The Cuber Wallet,” and will be available on both Android and Apple devices. The financial services platform i.e. the app will enable users to send and receive euros […]

Bitcoin Extortionists Plaguing Scandinavian Companies with DDoS Attacks

Gone are the days when one needed to go through blood and sweats for robbing someone off-guard; these days, a simple DDoS attack can do it. Bonny and Clyde, sorry for your loss! Reports are emerging of an online extortionist group DD4BC, which is threatening to launch online attacks against some mid-to-large Scandinavian companies. The […]