Bitcoin Altcoin Trading Talk 17

Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 17

Learn the basics of Bitcoin trading and join The Rational Investor and the Coinigy team for another exciting Altcoin roundup! The Rational Investor’s shared charts from this show: WDC – DGC – DGB – VIA – SPRTS –


Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 14

Back again with another great show. On this episode we ran through a few new Coinigy features, including CryptoTicker and the Coinigy Google Sheets plugin. Explanation and demonstration of Coinigy’s Bitcoin API & Altcoin API And as usual, Bitcoin & Altcoin Technical Analysis by The Rational Investor. Don’t forget to check out the world’s foremost […]

Bitcoin Altcoin Trading Talk

Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 07 – Those Crazy Alts

Episode 07: Coinigy & The Rational Investor TheRationalInvestor joins the Coinigy team for another round of Altcoin analysis and platform updates. Coins analyzed: Bitcoin $BTC MaidSafeCoin $MAID SaffronCoin $SFR PeerCoin $PPC Litecoin $LTC Hyper $HYPER MaryJaneCoin $MARYJ Brought to you by and