Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 53

Bitcoin Madness – Women cry for it, Men die for it- The sweet “coin” that makes life bitter! Join The Rational Investor, Alex Sterk, Davinci and the Coinigy team as they discuss the latest trends in cryptocurrency trading and technical analysis.


Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 51

Hey bud, let’s party! Join Brian from The Rational Investor, Alex of Blocktalk and William from Coinigy as they discuss the latest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading, trends, fundamentals and technical analysis.


Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 39

Streamed live on Oct 5, 2016 Join The Rational Investor and the Coinigy team as they discuss the latest news and hot investments in the digital currency world. Discussion Timestamps: 4:10 – Augur/REP (BoT @8:00 Parking Garage @18:05 back to Augur/REP @24:30) 33:02 – Coinigy updates 37:35 – BTC (BoT @45:40) 54:50 – JWL 1:06:05 […]


Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 37

Gear up, space cadets. We must delve into the currencies of the future before it’s too late! Join Brian Beamish, Alex Sterk and the Coinigy Team for an in-depth discussion of Bitcoin, Altcoins, trading, technical analysis, and more.


Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 35

Join The Rational Investor, Alex Sterk and Coinigy teams as they discuss the latest news and insights revolving around the cryptocurrency industry. Special emphasis on technical analysis!


Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 33

We’ve got a great episode planned for tonight! Technical analysis on community-voted altcoins and of course bitcoin, Coinigy platform updates and more. Your humble hosts: Brian from TheRationalInvestor.co, Rob & William from Coinigy.com Bitcoin Trading Platform, and Alex Sterk from youtube.com/blocktalk. Enjoy!


Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 32

Are you afraid of the daork? Join The Rational Investor (https://therationalinvestor.co), Coinigy Team (https://www.coinigy.com) and Alex Sterk of Blocktalk (https://youtube.com/blocktalk) as they discuss the latest trends and topics involving cryptocurrencies, altcoins and of course Bitcoin. Don’t miss this episode, mark your calendars!