Bitcoin CoolWallet Review – It’s Indeed a Cool Wallet

The post Bitcoin CoolWallet Review – It’s Indeed a Cool Wallet appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. As Bitcoin becomes more and more mainstream, so do Bitcoin hardware wallets. Hardware wallets are a form of cold storage that allow you to store a large amount of coins on a device with reduced fear of them getting stolen. […]

College Cryptocurrency Network Rebrands to Blockchain Education Network, Expands Worldwide

This post is by Michael Gord. The Blockchain Education Network, formerly known as the College Cryptocurrency Network, is a global network of students and young professionals leading the movement of grassroots blockchain education. BEN organizes cross-campus events, local and global hackathons, and provides educational resources for students starting a new chapter on their campus. Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Casino LimoPlay Launches World’s First Animated 3D Slot Game ‘Johnny the Octopus’ Based on WebGL

Bitcoin Press Release: At the cutting edge of technological development, Bitcoin casino has launched the world’s first animated WebGL 3D slot game ‘Johnny the Octopus’, with stunning animations, and available on all platforms and devices. Bitcoin gaming brand LimoPlay features a luxurious limousine inspired interface and cutting-edge casino games. LimoPlay enables easy and fast […]

ShareBits: Tip Anyone Crypto Tokens via Twitter in Seconds, New Blockchain Tech From BitShares, OpenLedger, CCEDK and Beyond Bitcoinu

Bitcoin Press Release: The ShareBits joint initiative between exchange CCEDK and crypto community offers individuals, businesses and NGOs the ability to leverage blockchain technology for viral marketing, by distributing crypto tokens easily created on OpenLedger via social media including Twitter and Reddit. Two thought leaders in the crypto space have announced the launch of […]

Fascism: Coming To A Blockchain Near You

In 1919, Benito Mussolini coined the term “fascism” to describe his political system and the world forever changed. Simply put, fascism was the blending of business and government. This is the system which could gain popularity in blockchain technology. In 2015, the technology and financial sectors took note of blockchain technology, not as it relates […]