Bitcoin Core Developer Eric Lombrozo on Misunderstandings in Block Size Debate

Bitcoin Core contributor and Ciphrex CEO Eric Lombrozo was recently interviewed on Epicenter Bitcoin, and he used a portion of his time to explain some misconceptions and misunderstandings related to the block size limit debate. While the focus of this development controversy has mainly centered on the actual block size metric in the Bitcoin protocol, […]

Accenture Partners with Digital Asset Holdings, Launches Blockchain Consulting Practice

Accenture has launched a specialized practice within its financial services group to help institutions implement blockchain technology in order to improve operational efficiency, security and client service, as well as to capture new revenue opportunities. Accenture will provide a range of consulting and technology services, from feasibility studies, business case assessments and operating model design, […]

IBM Deploys Blockchain-As-A-Service, Announces Initiatives to Make the Blockchain Ready for Business

IBM has announced new technology and business consulting initiatives to rapidly advance the use of distributed ledger technology across multiple industries. The company is deploying a Blockchain-As-A-Service offering for developers. Using the new blockchain services available on IBM’s open standards cloud applications platform Bluemix, developers can create, deploy, run and monitor blockchain applications on the […]

Bitcoin Mining Firm Butterfly Labs Settles with FTC Over Customer Deception Charges

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that bitcoin mining hardware company Butterfly Labs and two of its operators have agreed to settle charges that pointed to the company deceiving customers. The FTC revealed today that bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Butterfly Labs and two of its operators: part-owner and vice president of product development, […]

European Central Bank is Open to Blockchain Technology

The European Central Bank (ECB) has revealed that it is taking a close look at exploring the potential of blockchain technology for a multitude of services that it helps collaborate with other central banks in Europe. The European Union’s central bank has, in a report, revealed that it is looking toward new innovations such as […]

Ransomware Extortionists Land $17,000 in Bitcoin

A cyberattack targeting a Hollywood hospital laced with ransomware malware has been making rounds in mainstream news circles recently. In a separate incident, the Horry County school system in North Carolina was also struck by a ransomware cyberattack. The cyberattack on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center lasted nearly a fortnight after beginning on 5 Feb, with […]

UN Working Paper Explores How the Blockchain Can Empower Global Communities

More and more high profile financial and political institutions are taking notice of the blockchain technology of distributed ledgers, starting internal investigations and issuing position papers. In January, Bitcoin Magazine reported that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a paper titled “Virtual Currencies and Beyond: Initial Considerations” at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Similar […]