Hola Venezuela, The Government is Lying About Bitcoin!

Hola Venezolana de Television, you have got the whole thing wrong about Bitcoin! The Government of Venezuela’s propaganda machine. Venezolana de Television is a public television network administered by the country’s Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information. This state-run organization has recently run an article against bitcoin. This article seems to be part […]

Hitachi Establishes Fintech Blockchain Innovation Lab in California

Japanese multinational and global conglomerate Hitachi has revealed its plans to establish a Financial Innovation Laboratory. The new installation will function as a Fintech research organization in Hitachi’s Global Center for Social Innovation at Silicon Valley, California. In a press release that made the announcement of a new fintech laboratory today, Hitachi revealed that the […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Gradual Accumulation

Bitcoin price reacted little to the Fed’s confirmation of additional rates increases during 2016. Half the market is passively accumulating via limit orders placed just below price, the other half is actively selling at market. This analysis is provided by xbt.social with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now […]

OB1 CEO Brian Hoffman Explains Levels of Anonymity in OpenBazaar

Many people in the Bitcoin community see OpenBazaar as the next iteration of darknet marketplaces, but the first version of this network will not be suitable for those attempting to sell goods or services in an anonymous manner. During a recent guest appearance at the Coinscrum Members Club, OB1 CEO and OpenBazaar project lead Brian […]

Researchers Propose RSCoin, a Permissioned Blockchain Currency Controlled by Central Banks

In September Bitcoin Magazine reported that Andrew G. Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England (BoE), hinted at the possibility that the U.K. government might issue a digital currency.  “What I think is now reasonably clear is that the distributed payment technology embodied in Bitcoin has real potential,” said Haldane. “Bitcoin’s ‘blockchain’ technology appears […]

Mt. Gox Comes to Haunt Mizuho, Faces Lawsuit in the USA

In 2014, Bitcoin faced one of the worst disasters that turned the clock back on the whole ecosystem. That disaster was none other than the collapse of Mt Gox, a major bitcoin exchange at that time. The Japanese bitcoin exchange collapsed following a series of alleged hacking incidents resulting in over half a billion worth […]

Mt Gox Fallout: Lawsuit Against Mizuho Bank Approved by US Judge

A federal judge in Chicago has ruled that a U.S. lawsuit claiming that Japan’s Mizuho Bank inflated customers’ losses directly by limiting withdrawals from their Mt Gox accounts, as the now-defunct exchange’s banking partner, can move forward. Furthermore, the Judge also rejected the bank’s argument that the case should be moved to Japan from the […]