Accountants Ask IRS to Clarify Bitcoin Transactions’ Tax Status

The American Institute of CPAs has sent the IRS a letter to clarify tax status of small virtual currency transactions and nine other virtual currency issues, according to The Wall Street Journal. A bitcoin payment for a small purchase can have an investment gain or loss on that purchase under the IRS’s existing tax treatment. […]

Sweden Conducts Trials of a Blockchain Smart Contracts Technology for Land Registry 

The Swedish National Land Survey (Lantmäteriet) recently announced that it is conducting trials of a system that uses blockchain technology for land registration. The project, if successful, could have a major a impact on how land deals are conducted.  The Lantmäteriet, in partnership with Swedish blockchain company ChromaWay‚ consulting firm Kairos Future and telecommunications company […]

A Legal Analysis of the DAO Exploit and Possible Investor Rights

Important Disclaimer: NOTHING HEREIN IS INTENDED TO BE UNDERSTOOD AS LEGAL ADVICE. CONSULT A LAWYER QUALIFIED TO PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE IN YOUR JURISDICTION. News broke early Friday morning that the DAO had been exploited using a code error (first described by Peter Vessenes) in the DAO software that caused the exploiter of the DAO (“Exploiter”) to be […]

Bitcoin Price Falls Beyond $550, Recovers

 Bitcoin price plunged over $100 today, dropping to a low of $546.84 on the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI). Following weeks of a surging rally that scaled to two-year highs, bitcoin price fell $100 today in a week that saw prominent bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suffer outages. The result for the EU referendum will also be revealed […]

Is Brexit Behind Bitcoin’s $100 Fall?

After an impressive rally, Bitcoin is now appearing to be losing its bullish sheen, with its price dipping from $750 to $600 within the matter of few days. At the same time, there are different theories that are going around in parallel, explaining the cause for such a drastic fall. One of the reasons behind the fall […]

Vanbex Group Expanding into Blockchain-Based Products

Vancouver, B.C. —  Professional services firm Vanbex Group is expanding operations to blockchain-based products, according to company founder Lisa Cheng and CEO Kevin Hobbs. The Vancouver company operating in the digital currency and blockchain technology space will launch two projects in the coming months with Etherparty and Genisys, the former set to go live this […]