How Two Disabled Men Changed the Financial World

The revelations of the last four months surrounding Craig Steven Wright – who claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin – have shed perhaps a new light on the early beginnings of Bitcoin. When Wright first made his claims, he implicated his deceased friend David Kleiman as co-founder of Bitcoin. If this is true, when […]

Bitcoin ‘Illuminati’ Envision Far-Reaching Possibilities at Branson’s Necker Island Summit

Blockchain technology could bring $20 trillion worth of capital into the world economy and help lift people out of poverty, according to a plan by economist Hernando de Soto and Peruvian presidential candidate Keilo Fujimori. Their videoconferenced presentation was one of many highlights of Sir Richard Branson’s second annual Blockchain Summit on Necker Island, which […]

Digix Redesigns Website, Will Launch an Updated Client Version

Digix has released a new “company update“, a series of blog posts to keep its customers and the general community informed of any new developments regarding DigixGlobal and DigixDAO. The main announcement is the release of a new front-end design for the company’s website. The goal is to consolidate and simplify all the information regarding […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Looking Ahead to the Weekend

The week has now drawn to a close out of Europe, and it’s time to put together our final analysis of the week. Action throughout today’s session has been pretty much as it has been across the entire week – that is, flat wit ha little bit of intrarange movement, but far from anything overtly […]

NASDAQ CEO Says Blockchain Technology is Impressive, Not Always Suitable

Nasdaq CEO Robert Greifeld, in his recent comment, has mentioned that the bitcoin blockchain may not be the ideal system to be implemented for the automated trade settlement system. In an interview given to the Wall Street Journal, Robert expressed his concerns with Bitcoin’s inability to handle more than 10 transactions per second, which is a lot less […]

European Securities and Markets Authority Issues Discussion Paper on Distributed Ledger Technology

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued a discussion paper titled “The Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities Markets” for a public consultation on distributed ledger technology (DLT). ESMA is seeking feedback on the possible use of DLT in securities markets, including potential benefits and risks. The Telegraph notes that shares could eventually […]

MIT Media Lab Releases Code for Digital Certificates on the Blockchain

The MIT Media Lab‘s Learning Initiative and Learning Machine have released the first version of an open-source project that builds an ecosystem for creating, sharing and verifying blockchain-based educational credentials. The project represents the first step in a broader undertaking that is focused on creating new technologies and collaborating to evolve standards that lift the […]