Report: Dark Web Marketplace Dealings Revealed

A new report has found that hidden dark web websites across numerous countries are being utilized to sell goods illegally online. The post Report: Dark Web Marketplace Dealings Revealed appeared first on CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here Are Tonight’s Scalps

So that’s the end of another day in the bitcoin price, and it’s time to take a look at what happened today and what we are going for this evening. As we mentioned this morning, things were pretty flat overnight, and we were hoping that we might see some volatility during today’s US session on […]

Spain to Tax Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining Companies

Regulations concerning cryptocurrencies minting are gradually falling in place. While a lot of countries are yet to implement them, the Spanish tax authorities have labeled Bitcoin and altcoin mining operations as economic activities. This new classification makes cryptocurrency mining taxable. The latest notice, penned by the National Directorate of Taxes of Spain, requires Bitcoin and altcoin mining companies – […]

Blockchain Summit Day Two: End-Of-Conference Highlights From Shanghai

Financial services firms and startups looking to be the bridge to blockchain ledgers continued to dominate presentations on the second and final day of the Blockchain Summit, ending International Blockchain Week in Shanghai that also saw Devcon2 and a startup demo competition. CME Group’s Daily and Reference Rates for BTC Heavyweight derivatives exchange CME Group, […]

The Water Project Receives the Largest Bitcoin Donation

Bitcoin has been at the receiving end of all the negative publicity until now, thanks to its extensive use by cybercriminals and darknet marketplaces. But one recent transaction allows both Bitcoin and Bitcoin community to break away from the stereotype. The Water Project, an international non-profit organization working to provide clean drinking water and sanitation […]

Images on Darknet Can Give Out Location Information

The darknet is not as secretive as it was thought earlier.  A recent research indicates that many darknet vendors may have unwittingly announced their location on various deepweb marketplaces. According to researchers Paul Lisker and Michael Rose, the images of drugs and other products shared by darknet vendors may contain embedded geographical coordinates pointing out […]

This UK Startup Sells Drones For Bitcoins

The Daedalus Group, a team of expert drone operators in North East of England, specializes in Aerial Surveying with footage taken via drones. The post This UK Startup Sells Drones For Bitcoins appeared first on CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.