Toward the Moon: Genesis Mining Sends the First Bitcoin Into Space

Bitcoin has come a long way since it was first introduced to the cyberpunk world by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, and now for the first time, space travel history has been made with the digital currency. Genesis Mining, a major bitcoin cloud mining company, recently conducted the first peer-to-peer financial transaction in space. Searching for […]

Winklevoss Bros’ Gemini Exchange Launches Daily Bitcoin Auctions

Gemini Trust Co., the New York-based digital currency exchange founded by the Winklevoss Brothers has begun the first-ever daily bitcoin auction in a bid to facilitate trading with higher volumes at lower costs with better prices. Starting today, the bitcoin ecosystem will see an exchange adopt a daily bitcoin auction at 4 P.M New York […]

Ethereum Devs Applaud the Audience at Devcon’s Closing

Microsoft took the headlines today with their announcement of Benchley, which makes it easy to create your own ethereum based private blockchain, Cryptolet, a smart contracts oracle, and Enclaves, “an area of the chip itself where you can have code and have data run that is tamper resistant,” according to Marley Gray, head of Microsoft’s […]

Bitcoin Price At Critical Support Pre-FOMC

Bitcoin price slumped overnight. Markets are beginning to rear ahead of today’s Fed rates announcement. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now. Bitcoin Price Analysis Time of analysis: 12h00 UTC Wednesday Bitstamp 1-Day Candle Chart From the analysis pages of, earlier […]

Buying and Selling Bitcoins Made Easy By Paxful

Looking for an easy medium to trade Bitcoins (buy or sell) against cash, Paypal, gift cards, bank transfers and others? Bitcoins for all your need Earn money or spend it, your new online currency the bitcoin gives you the much-desired anonymity along with flexibility in the amount of money you spend. Indeed, one may spend […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; A Short-term Cascade Effect

So that’s it — the overlong and overdue flat range was finally broken today, but with a jolt. As the order books continued to go thin, and volatility remained lower as ever, somebody turned butter finger and shorted a massive chunk. This led to a series of speculative short positions which resulted in the invalidation […]

R3 and Axoni to Work on Blockchain Solution for Reference Data Management

Blockchain company R3 has announced that it is entering into a strategical partnership with a correlative firm Axoni, as well as 7 other banking institutions, including Credit Suisse, AB (Alliance Bernstein) and HSBC. The New York company stated that it, and its new partners, will be jointly working on creating efficient blockchain-based automate data handling systems. The partners, as the […]