Blockstream Releases Lightning Charge, Launches Test E-Commerce Store

Following the release of the first Bitcoin Lightning Network white paper, published in February 2015, developers have been working on Lightning Network implementations to enhance the throughput and usability of the Bitcoin network. For an overview, see this three-part series on “Understanding the Lightning Network.” In December 2017, lightning developers ACINQ, Blockstream and Lightning Labs, […]

Russian Tourists Lost 4 Million Baht in Bitcoin to Fake Interpol Officials

Over the years, we have seen multiple stories regarding people scamming Bitcoin holders. It is a very worrisome trend which only grows more popular, it seems. More specifically, a group of fake Interpol agents scammed Russian tourists out of their Bitcoin holdings. A total amount of 4 million Baht worth of BTC was taken from […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What’s On This Morning

It’s Thursday morning and it’s time to get moving on our twice daily bitcoin price analysis for the start of the European session. Things have been moving pretty fast throughout the session and, as many reading will almost certainly be aware, price is down pretty much across the board in the crypto space on the […]

MoonLite Is Giving Investors A Chance To Get Started In Cryptocurrency Mining

With the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies gradually trending towards $1 trillion, increasing from just under $20 billion at the start of 2017 to over $700 billion at the beginning of the current year, it’s simply a good time to invest in the revolutionary technology called blockchain. Last year alone, bitcoin, the pioneer cryptocurrency, which […]

“Bitcoin Laundering” Study: Where Do Criminals Turn to Mask Illicit Cryptoassets?

A recent study (PDF) from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance and blockchain analytics company Elliptic explored the “bitcoin laundering” ecosystem. In the study, Elliptic’s forensic analysis of the Bitcoin blockchain and other publicly available data were used to track the flows of illicit funds from 2013 to 2016. […]

eToro Cryptofund Review: Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and More

The post eToro Cryptofund Review: Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and More appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Important: At the time of writing, eToro services aren’t available to US customers. eToro is a digital global trading market for currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indexes, and stocks. Like most cryptocurrency trading platforms, it’s experiencing rapid growth and now boasts […]

How to Buy Cardano (ADA) in 3 Simple Steps: A Beginner’s Guide

The post How to Buy Cardano (ADA) in 3 Simple Steps: A Beginner’s Guide appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. What is Cardano? Cardano is an open-source, decentralized cryptocurrency that has made its way into the top ten market cap cryptocurrencies seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a relatively young project that began in 2015 and only […]

Cryptocurrency-Based Stocks Fall Amid Market Downturn

The post Cryptocurrency-Based Stocks Fall Amid Market Downturn appeared first on CCN The once celebrated stocks of companies with bitcoin or blockchain exposure are falling alongside the top coins today. Corporate America has been looking to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a way to resonate with investors, a strategy that while profitable during the best […]

Bitcoin Poses No Threat to Dollar, Federal Reserve Official Says

The post Bitcoin Poses No Threat to Dollar, Federal Reserve Official Says appeared first on CCN Bitcoin, whose ballooning market cap reached above $325 billion a month ago, is not a worthy opponent for fiat money, says Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari. In fact, no single cryptocurrency could give the US dollar a run for […]