Futurists’ Views On the Next Decade, Bitcoin Could Play a Major Role

Over the past decade, numerous of technological developments have been introduced to the world. We’ve evolved to using smartphones with apps that allow us to be connected to the entire world at any given time. Cars are driving themselves; robots are getting close to being ‘real’ humans. A lot of the key aspects in our […]

Three Blockchain Startups Join Startupbootcamp Fintech Singapore’s Inaugural Accelerator Batch

Blockchain-based marketplace DeBuNe, bitcoin wallet Cryptosigma and blockchain equity issuer Otonomos, have been accepted to the first batch of Startupbootcamp (SBC) Fintech Singapore’s accelerator program. The startups will be given funding, free office space, access to business support services and a large network of industry experts and venture capitalists. The three digital currency startups join […]

High Frequency Trading on the Coinbase Exchange

Andrew Barisser is a software and cryptocurrency engineer at Assembly. Previously he was a grad student in biophysics at UCSB, where he says a “gnawing fascination” with bitcoin led him to software. In this article, he shares lessons learned from creating his own bitcoin trading bot in the “shark infested waters” of Coinbase’s new exchange. I’ve […]

Could Cryptocurrencies Bring The World a Universal Basic Income?

Could cryptocurrency bring a basic income to the people of the world, relieving them of their day-to-day quest for survival, and leaving them to ponder more philosophical questions about their existence and reaching new heights of productivity? Some in the cryptocurrency space believe so. The idea for a universal basic income is not new, as […]

Factom Partners With Honduras Government on Blockchain Tech Trial

Decentralized recordkeeping startup Factom has reportedly partnered with the government of Honduras on a new land title registry initiative. Reuters reported that the Texas-based company, in partnership with title software firm Epigraph, was working with the Honduran government to develop “a permanent and secure land title record system” using the bitcoin blockchain, the distributed ledger […]

Rock Band Queen Drives First Bitcoin Sale for Argentina Ticket Startup

An Argentinian fan of the classic rock band Queen has become the first customer to buy tickets with bitcoin through EntradaFan, according to the company. Launched in April, EntradaFan is a peer-to-peer online ticket marketplace seeking to compete with market leader Ticketek. The announcement follows EntradaFan‘s decision to accept bitcoin through a partnership with processor BitPagos, […]

DerbyJackpot.com Becomes First US Regulated Online Gambling Site to Accept Bitcoin

Through a partnership with Bitcoin merchant payment processor GoCoin, the U.S.-based gambling website DerbyJackpot.com will now accept Bitcoin for betting on horse races around the country. DerbyJackpot.com becomes the first U.S.-regulated gambling site to accept the digital currency. Bitcoin gambling websites have existed for a long time but have mostly remained in the underground economy or have […]

Extremely Serious Virtual Machine Bug Threatens Bitcoin Security

Online security professionals recently found a critical bug that preys on virtual machine platforms and appliances to gain entry into victims’ private storage devices. The flaw is called Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation, or VENOM, which reportedly targets the QUEMU-based virtual servers and enables hackers to burst forth from the restrictive guest environments of a […]

7 New Ways to Easily Integrate Bitcoin Into Your Business

Businesses are always looking for ways to add new revenue streams, stay on the cutting-edge of the latest technologies, and reduce operating expenses. As companies like PayPal, Microsoft, and Dell Computers have already discovered, Bitcoin accomplishes all three, and would be an asset to any modern business model. What if you aren’t a Fortune 500 […]

Solving Greece’s Debt Troubles with Bitcoin Technology

In addition to the numerous applications of bitcoin technology on payments and storing identity, a new proposition has been raised by CNBC contributor Brian Kelly in applying this to solve Greece’s debt problems. Recall that the debt-ridden has been scrambling to meet its loan obligations, with the new anti-austerity government still at odds with the […]