ProTip Ventures into Bitcoin Micropayments for Online Tipping

A number of companies have been looking into bitcoin micropayments as a means for funneling donations or tips online. After all, the cryptocurrency promises lower transactions costs compared to traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. Online tipping can be made to express appreciation for an artist’s work on the internet, such as […]

Troubles Continue for BitPay in Wake Of Hack

BitPay, the Bitcoin payment processor, has endured a troublesome week. First, it was made public a hacker gained access to the CFO’s email account and coaxed the company into sending nearly $2 million. The company recently made major changes to its free plan, as well as apparently laid off numerous employees. The company filed a […]

Stanford University Course Could Grow Bitcoin Community, Says Professor

American academia has offered courses across the country on cryptocurrencies for a couple of years now. New York University, Duke University, Princeton and others have all offered courses on Bitcoin. The Stanford University School of Engineering in Stanford, Calif. offers a new course, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies, for the Autumn semester. 100 students have enrolled and […]

Nigerian Central Bank Plans to Regulate Bitcoin

The use of bitcoin has been on the rise in Africa, prompting some governments and monetary authorities to consider cryptocurrency regulation. In particular, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is looking to propose a set of rules to protect consumers and investors of digital currencies. Just as in some parts of Asia and South America, […]

VC Head Believes Israel will Lead Blockchain App Industry

The managing director of Santander Group’s venture capital firm believes that Israel will become a reference market for blockchain applications. Mariano Belinky, who has recently invested into an Israel-based payment application, expressed his faith in the technologically advanced nation, explaining how it is equipped with all financial and talent resources to build innovative blockchain-based applications […]

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet KeepKey Launches and Begins Shipping

In a rare move in the Bitcoin space, KeepKey has simultaneously begun to take orders for and to ship their flagship bitcoin hardware wallet. As of Wednesday, customers are able to purchase the USB device for USD$239 on Amazon, or directly from the KeepKey website using bitcoin. Worldwide shipping is included in the cost. The […]

XcodeGhost Malware Infects over 4,000 iOS Apps

Security researchers have discovered that the malicious app campaign plaguing Apple’s App Store is far worse than initially thought, with over 4000 App store applications affected by the XcodeGhost malware. The post XcodeGhost Malware Infects over 4,000 iOS Apps appeared first on CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.