Factom Price Soars after Integration with Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain

Blockchains have eclipsed bitcoin in the mainstream media lately, largely due to financial institutions looking for ways to use blockchains. But in addition to these initiatives, some big technology companies are exploring Ripple, Factom and Ethereum protocols, according to Finance Magnates. Microsoft’s Azure cloud service recently acquired Ethereum capabilities, followed by Factom, Ripple and others. […]

Bitcoin Price Choppy; Scalps on Tonight

Its been a bit of an odd day in the bitcoin price markets. Having initially kicked off the European session with some interim gains, the bitcoin price reversed pretty sharply from intraday highs and collapsed to reach lows just shy of where things currently sit. This has two implications for tonight’s session. The first, that […]

NeuCoin Just Launched Its First Commercial Applications

Its been a few months now since NeuCoin launched its much anticipated digital currency, and today, the organization has launched its first consumer application – giving users the ability to tip emerging new artists with NeuCoin through the Jango platform. Additionally, NeuCoin has launched a Facebook game – Solitaire Racer – which gives players the […]

Investors are Starting to Recognize Bitcoin as an “Independent Currency”

Since the beginning of 2015, an increasing number of central banks and government agencies have begun to show interest in bitcoin and digital currencies. Investment Strategist Philipp Vordran believes that countries are considering turning their currencies into crypto-currencies. “Countries are thinking about turning their currencies into crypto-currencies. I don’t know if that’s a smart idea. […]